Tuesday, April 10, 2012

RIP Fishy Honey

The Easter Bunny brought Kyson a fish, and it died by Monday morning.  As much as I'd love to blame it on the Easter Bunny, or Walmart, where the Easter Bunny got the fish, I do believe that I am the fish killer.  I don't know much about taking care of fish and I believe I killed it when I was getting his home ready.  I've learned a couple of things that I didn't know on Saturday night.

1)  Let the water sit at room temperature and put the fish in a bag to let the fish adjust to the temperature of the water.
2)  Put only a little bit of the tank water in at a time.  Don't just pour the fish into the water after you've put it in the bowl.
3)  Tap water is bad for fish.  I did put the water half from the faucet and half from the reverse osmosis water purifying system, but if you use any tap water, you need to treat it first.

These little pies of information would have been great to have before I killed my son's fish.  Monday night for Family Home Evening, we took the family to Petco and Kyson picked out a new fish.  Even though Kyson's fish name of Fishy Honey was so creative, we were looking forward to a better name.  I can't say this one is any better - Fishy Handsome Boy.  Hopefully I won't kill this one, but I do hope we can petition for a name change in the near future.

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