Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Huh? I just turned 3?

Kyson's birthday was April 27. He doesn't understand what that means, and he still doesn't answer correctly when we ask how old he is - he still says 2. I'll post some favorite pictures soon enough.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Building the Jungle Gym

A couple of weeks ago, we bought a jungle gym that we thought Kyson would really enjoy. When the weather cooperates, he wants to walk to the park every day so he can play on the play set. Because of this love, we decided to put one in our back yard so he can play and we don't have to walk to the park all the time.
The journey began last weekend weather-proofing the wood. The wood came pre-treated, but the reviews that I read recommended that you do it again thoroughly before putting it up. I painted boards for 12 hours last weekend and only got through 2 of the 4 boxes. I wasn't sure how to finish all of that wood during the week to have it ready for Saturday's building date. As luck would have it, the young women didn't have an activity for the week so I thought I'd help them out by filling that void. The Mia Maids and my Laurels came over on Wed- nesday night to help me paint boards. Mother Nature decided to be uncooperative though, and I had to move everything into the garage, and 1/2 of one box got drenched in the rain and we couldn't paint it that night. They finished in 20 minutes, what took me 5 hours to do. I was SOOO grateful.

As the building day was approaching, Kris injured his shoulder at work and was unable to help us. Then my brother-in-law had to go in for a serious back procedure the day before and was crossed off my list. That left me and my father to put the entire thing together. I was nervous, but optimistic. I asked a few neighbors if they could help by leaving love notes on their Facebook or

leaving messages on their voice mail, but none of them came. Josie Holt, my faithful next door neighbor came and helped me though. She helped me on Friday evening when I was on my own, and then came over bright and early Saturday morning and stayed the entire day.

About half way through the day, a wonderful surprise came - my sister and brother-in-law! Bill was supposed to take it easy, but was feeling well enough to build a jungle gym. Their arrival saved me from having to work another full day. While my dad, Josie, and I worked on the tower, Jen and Bill built the picnic bench, the rock wall, the ladders, and attached all the gadgets. It was wonderful. All the reviews said it took 20 hours to put together and we did it in about 13, including the 1.5 hours Josie and I worked on it the night before. I'm so grateful for everyone's help!

There is one other person who was "behind the curtain" during this process. My mother came over the entire day to watch the kids. Not only did she take care of the kids, but she did all my laundry and straightened up all the bedrooms. I was so grateful as I climbed into my bed Saturday night, knowing that I wouldn't have to spend the whole day getting all that work done. I love my family and my neighbors.

And of course, Kyson loves it. He was on the darn thing before we'd even finished it. But I think the happiest one of all was my dad - because it was done. Hopefully I won't have to ask him for any favors like this for a long time.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

6 months of Angelic Behavior

Believe it or not, but little Kodi turned 6 months on April 1. I'm a little late giving the update of her half-birthday. At her check-up, everything was great, except her weight. She's not malnourished, but she's drop significantly in her percentage for weight. The doctor says she needs more calories and needs to be eating solid foods at least 3 times a day. We've been trying, but she won''t eat. It's as if she doesn't know how. I got a little concerned about it so I took her to my mom's to see if it was abnormal or not. My mom says her eating is abnormal, and it loks like we're heading down the same path we did with Kyson (Please Dear Lord - NO!). I'm terrified to go through all that again. Kyson threw up everything he ate for a year, we had multiple tests done at Primary Children's and eventually he was in food therapy. I really don't want to go through all that again. Food aside, here are Kodi's stats:
Weight 15.1 lbs (27%)
Length 26" (54%)
Head Size 16.6" (37%)
She's a sweet little girl and she loves to laugh and smile. She's very happy (as long as you're not feeding her) and she's pretty easy so far (knock on wood). We're so glad to have our little angel. I think Kyson likes her the most. He is extremely protective of her - he won't let strangers get near her. When she's crying, he tries to cheer her up by giving her his toys, or by playing make-believe with his toys for her. He's a sweet big brother.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Goal Quarterly Report Card

When I made my New Year's Resolutions for 2010, I decided to put them on my blog and then report back so often on how I'm doing. By having to report, it gives me a sense of accountability and then I'm more likely to do them. So far it seems to be working.

Personal Goals
1) Floss at least once a week - preferably every day.
DOING WELL - I fell off for a short time when Kyson took my floss, but after I bought more, I've been diligent. Once or twice a week is about all I'm getting, but still accomplishing my goal

2) Finish my nightly prayers without falling asleep.
DOING TERRIBLY - I can't remember the last prayer where I made it to "Amen."

3) Read the lesson/scripture chapter before Sunday for Sunday School and Relief Society.
I'VE GIVEN UP - I never got a single lesson read, only had good intentions.

4) Exercise at least 3 days a week
RECENTLY BEEN DILIGENT - I tried earlier in the year, but it was not working out. Recently I've been working out in the morning with my coworkers and I'm getting in 5 days a week.

Family Goals:
1) Have Family Home Evening at least once a month - preferably every week.
SUCCESSFUL SO FAR - January we went to the Aquarium and talked about the creation. February we looked at pictures of Jesus and talked about who he is. March we sang songs and danced.

2) Invite company over more often - preferably once a month.
DOING PRETTY WELL - In January we had a party and invited friends over, February we invited all of our parents and my grandpa for dinner, March was too busy (my bad).

3) Potty train Kyson
TERRIBLE - He still has no interest.

Project Goals:
1) Clean and organize the garage.
HAVEN'T STARTED - This one may change to finish the landscaping in the back yard. That's our current project.

2) Scan all my grandmother's old picture books and put them into one book with captions and dates.
IN PROGRESS - I've Scanned 5 of 7 books, but haven't been able to start the actual book yet.

Home Improvement Goals:
1) Finish painting the upstairs - preferably the whole house.
MAY is my hope

2) Fix the broken drawer in the kitchen

3) Replace the broken blinds so we don't look like white trash.

4) Replace the cracked window in our bathroom.

5) Get a curtain for the living room.

Well this is the 411. I'll check back in June or July.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Part II

Because my parents were out of town Easter weekend, enjoying the sunshine of Southern Utah, we celebrated Easter this weekend instead. We started the evening off by having an Easter egg hunt and eating some dinner. Kyson was funny during the hunt because he grabbed any egg that he saw. We sorted some of them out afterward, and some I was able to sneak out of his basket when he wasn't looking and put them back. He didn't even care about what was in the eggs, he just wanted to find the eggs. There were a couple of Elmo and Hello Kitty eggs that had rubber bugs inside - he's been carrying them around since.

After the hunt, my mom hid an Easter basket for each couple and we had to find them. My sister found hers immediately because it's hidden in the same place every year. Her basket was full of all sorts of goodies. I searched, but I only found baskets that had nothing in them. We both joked about who must be the obvious favorite.
It was nice to just sit around and chat. I love getting together with family. I was also able to get some great photos.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

This was the first Easter that we really did something. The Easter Bunny always comes, but it's no big deal and he never hides anything for Kyson. This year the Easter Bunny not only hid a basket for Kyson, but he left eggs all over down stairs that Kyson found when he woke up. It looks the Easter Bunny favors Kyson, but really that's not the case - Kodi just doesn't care. Kodi got a onsey and an empty egg. Kyson got sidewalk chalk, 2 shirts, swim shorts, some micro-machine cars, a bouquet of balloons, and and some Nemo gummy snacks. I think he enjoyed everything and even insisted on taking the balloons to bed.

The Easter Bunny was very good to me. I got 4 tank tops, some socks, a gift card to Old Navy and my favorite - chocolate eggs. Apparently the Easter Bunny had to go all the way to 35th South to find them. Kris got some swim shorts and 2 ocarina whistles (I don't under- stand the fuss, or why they're so expensive, but he LOVES them). It was a fun morning and the first real Easter that we've had. Kyson loved looking for the eggs around the house. He got so excited each time he found one.

During the day, we tried to watch conference. I say tried, because every time we sat down, we'd fall asleep. Kodi got a good nap in down- stairs, Kyson actually watched conference - for 5 minutes, and Kris was playing with his new toy. That afternoon we went to Rusty and Amy's to see all of Kris's family. It was a very informal visit where we just chatted, the kids got in trouble, and Grandma showered the grandkids with presents. Kyson was a bit entitled and thought he deserved everything, but Kodi was a perfect angel - I can't imagine why. As we went to leave, all three boys were there to send us off in style. It was really cute. Overall it was a great day.

The next day, even though it was extremely windy, Kyson and I went outside and played with his chalk. I think he likes it.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Boy Version of Dress Up

Most little girls like to wear make-up and their mother's high heel shoes to play dress-up and have fun. Kyson appears to like dress-up as well, but in a slightly different way. He likes to dress his little sister up with stickers rather than make-up. He started by putting a couple of stickers on Daddy, then he tried a couple on me, but once he found such a cooperative victim, he went to town. He kept adding more and more and when she'd look down so he couldn't put stickers on her face, he put them on the top of her head. She didn't care for it too much, but he was having a blast.