Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Cute Kids

There doesn't have to be a reason to take pictures, but the other day, I saw Leroy up in the kids play house with Kodi.  I ran to get my camera because I thought I'd capture the moment.  Leroy, however, ran away and I didn't get a picture.  So I took a picture of Kodi.  But when I walked in, Kyson wanted a picture too.  So I have some pictures of my cute kids, for no reason except that they're cute and I love them, even with Kodi's eyes closed and chocolate on her face.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Weekend

Keeping with tradition, we went to Bear Lake to start the summer off right.  The weather wasn't expected to be nice, be didn't really care.  It's nice to get out of town and spend some time at a place I love.  Surprisingly, Saturday was nice.  We were able to enjoy the day.  My dad and I went on a short run, Kyson and his friends rode their bikes, played in the water, and made sand castles.  

Sunday was rainy.  We stayed inside most of the day, at least the adults did.  The boys wanted to play, so they went out on the beach and played with boats, and continued to ride their bike, even though it was raining.  Ryan even said he'd give his son $20 if he'd go in the water.  He thought he could do it, but would decline once he got out there.  At one point, Ryan's kids did make it out to the water, but Kyson couldn't find his swim suit and didn't want to go out in his underwear.

All in all it was a great weekend.  Nothing ever runs perfectly planned, butt he good definitely outweighed the bad, and we're looking forward to many more weekend getaways to the cabin this summer.

Friday, May 25, 2012


After being in the Early Intervention Program for two and a half years, Kyson has graduated from preschool.  Kyson started the Early Intervention Program when he was about 18 months old.  From the time he was 9 months old, he started throwing up everything he ate - and I mean literally.  He couldn't eat.  Many people believed he just wouldn't eat, but there was something wrong.  He dropped 40% on his weight charts during his troubles and after many tests at Primary children's and meeting with a pediatric specialist, it was determined that he has "weak oral muscles" and he couldn't manipulate the food in his mouth.  Rather than chewing and swallowing, his food went straight to a gag reflex, causing him to vomit.

He needed therapy, but the insurance company didn't think it was necessary and wouldn't pay for it.  Then we were referred to Early Intervention.  Not only was food a problem, but he wasn't speaking and we could see some serious developmental delays in speech.  He was accepted into the program, and when he turned three, he was accepted into the preschool program.  Only a small percentage of children will qualify for the preschool, but Kyson was lucky enough to qualify for their services.

Kyson has had speech therapy once a week and school 4 days a week from ages 3-4, and continues with speech therapy once a week, but had school 5 days a week from ages 4-5.  He has made immense progress in his speech and socialization.  I'm so grateful for the his teacher, his speech therapist, and the three aids who have dedicated so much time to Kyson.  They truly have been a blessing for him.

His graduation program was adorable.  They sang songs, and presented each child with a "diploma."  Kyson was very last on the list so they must not have gone in alphabetical order.  Kyson was probably the most defiant child in the group.  He refused to smile, he wouldn't pose to get a picture when he got his diploma, and he even stuck his tongue out at me when I asked him to smile.  Thankfully, his teachers had never seen him that way.  I believe it's because he doesn't like a lot of attention.  It scares him and he doesn't know how to react.  Kodi was more excited about everything than he was.  Hopefully with age and maturity he can at least act like a human being.

His teacher also made a little photo book for each child graduating the program.  It had pictures of him and his friends doing different activities throughout the school-year.  It was so neat to see, and must have taken her a lot of time to do it for each child.  I'm so proud of Kyson, and I'm excited to see how Montessori Kindergarten will serve him next year.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Spring Fun

The kids love to play in the backyard, and now that it's warming up, I can't get them inside.  One gift Kyson received from his birthday was a bubble gun.  They two kids went out and blew bubbles and used up the entire bottle in probably 15 minutes.  Kodi was trying to catch the bubbles in her mouth (yuck) and Kyson thought he was so cool being able to spit bubbles at her with his gun.  Kids are funny to watch.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Picking Dandelions

I hate weeds growing in my yard.  They make the yard look trashy and unkept, but it's amazing how they don't look so bad when you see your child out here picking them innocently.  I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.