Thursday, July 29, 2010

Everybody Loves the Holts

After living next door to the Holts for the past 6 years, I believe that you should hold interviews with neighbors before you move next to them. I hear horror stories of these psycho neighbors that are the worst, and I've been so blessed to have probably the best neighbors on the planet. We did fireworks together for the 24th of July again, and I believe that this is becoming a yearly tradition - if they'll take us.

Their younger girls are so wonderful with all four of my kids (Kyson, Kodi, Fran, and Leroy). They love to come over and play with all of them. I have to say it's wonderful for me too becuase they're all well-behaved girls who keep my kids in line. It also gives me a chance to get something done hat I need to because the kids are being entertained.

The other night we had cinema in the park. They project a movie on a huge blow-up screen and everyone lays on blankets in the park. I'd never been and was thinking of taking Kyson and Kodi when I ran over to ask the Holts if they were going. Because they said yes, I immediately packed the car and went with them. They showed Night at the Museum and Kyson seemed to really enjoy it. Once again, I think it was thanks to the Holts.
What fabulous people . . . they just better not move.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's All About the In-Laws

Saturday was an entire day dedicated to family functions with Kris's multiple families. The first part of the day we went to Logan for a family reunion with Kris's cousins and huge extended family. I didn't know many people, but appar- ently, the oldest person there had just turned 100. They took the pictures a little later when many had already gone home and Kris was in the car with Kodi, because were trying to leave too. In the reunion, it was nice to chat, but it was 95 degrees outside and the reunion was in a one room cabin-like place that had 180 people in it, and the air condi- tioning was broken. We were dripping with sweat and it just killed any energy we had.

It was discouraging to get out there too because we were already tired and to drive out there wasn't something we were really looking forward to. . . and the drive was even better than expected (and I mean that very sarcastically). It took an extra hour each direction because of construc- tion on I-15. It was absolutely awful because Kyson and Kodi were both tired, and they were asleep until we came to a hault. Once we stopped, there was no getting them back to sleep. It was nice to spend time with the fam, but poor Kris spent the last hour or more sitting in the car with Kyson, who was in time-out. I offered to switch with him, consid- ering it was his family, but he was too frustrated to think, and I think he preferred the air conditioned car to the sauna reunion.

After the fun-filled afternoon of time-outs, being stuck in traffic, and bathing in our own sweat, we raced over to his step-sister's house for a BBQ with all of their family. We saw them 4th of July weekend, but his brother, Chris, was in town from Southern Utah. We visited, Kyson played with other kids his age, we roasted marshmellows, and had a good time. We were so tired when we arrived that we literally planned on just staying a short time, but you know how it is once you get to your party - 2 hours later, you think, "We should probably get going." That night was no exception.

It was a tiring and eventful, but good day.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Another Bear Lake Trip

The same weekend we started potty training, we went to Bear Lake. It was helpful to have reinforcements. Kyson also LOVES Bear Lake. Whenever we get in the car, for any reason, he asks if we're going to Bear Lake. He gets pretty disappointed when we say we're not going.

The weather this last weekend was gorgeous. It wasn't too hot and it wasn't too cold. My dad pulled out the "yacht" so we could go cruising. It was rather fun. He even pulled my with each kid on the water weenie. It is a very unstable water weenie, which may explain why my dad got it at the DI so cheap. It felt like it would tip over if you went over any kind of ripple in the water. That is a little scary when you're carrying a baby on it. My dad didn't want to make it tip, so with Kodi, he just ran around the lake and pulled us by the string. If you know my father, I'm sure this isn't hard to imagine. Kyson really seemed to enjoy it though. He also did a good job when we just rode around not being pulled by the boat. I know we don't have one of those expensive boats, but you don't need expensive toys to have fun.

I took both kids four- wheeling as well. I didn't do any long rides, but I took Kyson up this steep hill down the road from the cabin to get a nice view of the lake. We're so paranoid about getting a ticket now that the ranger is patrolling non-stop. Our next-door neighbor up there got a $500 ticket for riding down the beach. We definitely don't want one of those. Kodi likes to just relax with the calming vibrations and wind blowing on her face. I think Kyson likes the thrill of big hills - he's a boy.

My dad was really cute with both kids as well. Kodi fell asleep in his arms one morning while I was getting some work done, and one evening, he was reading a story to Kyson. I love it - it's so adorable! I love going to Bear Lake, and so does Kyson. He can't wait to go again.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Potty Training Boot Camp

Kyson is now 3 years and 2 months and we really wanted to start potty training, but are inexperienced parents, and worry about doing it while he's in school. His last day of preschool was July 1, and he doesn't go back until August 9, so I felt like this is the time for us to jump on it. I've been pretty hestant to do the potty training for a couple of reasons: he doesn't understand his body yet, it's a lot of work' and he screams like we're beating him if we even put a pull-up on him. We decided to start the project this last weekend because I was already taking Friday off for Bear Lake. My mom was also going to be with us which gave us an experienced mother, and help taking care of the baby.

About a week before starting our great endeavor, I started putting big-boy pants over his diaper. The first time I did that, it
was quite the struggle, but by the end of the week, he didn't mind. Stage one was a success.

Stage two has been much more challenging. On Friday morning
we took away his diapers and we've been taking him to the bathroom every 20 minutes. The first day (Friday), we went through all of his shorts and underwear with accidents, and had one success the whole day. Day two (Saturday) was pretty much a repeat, but he would start to admit that he peed after he'd done it - progress.

Sunday things started to improve. We had less accidents, and that eveninging he went in the potty three times to earn a reward. Today he's gone 5 times. It's getting better and better and I'm hoping by the end of the week, he'll start telling us when he needs to go so we don't have to take him every 20 minutes.

Please pray that we'll have this all done by August 9 when he goes back to Preschool. That is my hope and prayer. Please help me out any way you can.

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Weekend - Wow, it was full!

Our fabulous holiday weekend started off with a parade. Our ward did an activity for the children where they were to decorate their bikes and ride from the elementary school in the neighborhood to the park around the corner from it. We didn't decorate Kyson's bike, but we had him participate. Let me tell you, he's one crazy driver. Some of the parade participants brought candy to throw at the 5 spectators along the 200 yard parade path. The entire thing was hilarious to me. When the lead car started driving playing its patriotic music, I busted up laughing at the entire sight. At our final destin- ation, the park, all the kids played while the parents visited. It was a nice morning.

That evening we went to a little holiday party with Kris's family. It is an annual get-together with all of his step-brothers and sisters. It was so fun to see everyone considering we hadn't seen them since Christmas time. Grandma Carol is always the favorite with the treasures she brings for all the little kids. Kyson found a couple of friends there too. Since he's been in preschool, he's so much more social with peers his age - I love it! We also had amazing authentic Mexican cuisine. Naty, my sister-in-law, is originally from Mexico and she made the entire dinner. We tried to contribute to the dinner by bringing "home-made" donuts. Sure they were made in Walmart's kitchen, we still like to pretend. The food was so good and it left that spicy tingle on my lips and tongue that I oh so love! It was good times for all, but cut it short and left at dark in order to get home to prepare for more festivities in the morning.

Sunday, the 4th of July, we left in the morning for Vernal. Since we stayed in town for an extra long weekend, we thought it would be a great opportunity to go visit Kris' grandmother and family. It worked out great. Because it was a holiday weekend, there were a few holiday events going on, so it was easier to see everyone. We just had to go to those events.

We started our mini-vacation at Grandma's house eating a homemade roast and potatoes - mmm, mmm, good. We sat around and chatted for a while and let Grandma and Kris's aunt Sharon and uncle Perry play with the kids and catch up with us. I was so pleased when Kyson latched on to Sharon. They played with a train, picked peas, and pretended to have bugs crawl on them. It was so cute. Kodi was also pleasant by not crying too much and laughing at many things. She's typically good-natured, but babies are unpredictable. It was a wonderful afternoon of visiting.

That evening was the Vernal firework show. It turned out to be a rather cool day. In fact it had been raining earlier and we weren't sure what it would be like. The family was nice enough to bring chairs and blankets for us to share - we needed those blankets too - it was chilly. I expected Kodi to fall asleep and Kyson to be wide-eyed. It was a little different than that. Kodi was the one mezmorized my the fireworks and Kyson narrated the explosions in the sky by what color each firework was. He also would count them occasionally, "1,2,3,7, 9, n." My son is so smart he can count with variables.

The next morning the fun didn't end. We went to a parade where they blocked off Hwy 40. If anyone has driven through Vernal, or even to Vernal, you will know what a major road that is. I was surprised they would block off such a significant road. While the parade was definitely small town, it was another fun thing to do. There weren't any floats, just the local firetrucks, deisels, and old cars from the 30's up to current. There were also a lot of horses. Unfortunately, they were at the end of the parade and Kyson had already lost his interest by then. It was cute - worth seeing while we were there.

To finish the trip off, we went to the Dino0saur museum in Vernal. Unfortunately Kyson was not well-behaved and I couldn't wait to get out of there. He was throwing up in the middle of the night and was probably really tired. At least, I'd like to rationalize his behavior with that excuse because it was not pleasant. It was a perfect way to end the trip though, and head home. We all were tired and had our fill of fun. Kyson fell asleep literally within 5 minutes of heading home. Kodi took about half an hour. It was a peaceful drive home.

All in all it was a great holiday weekend. We saw a lot fo family, did a lot of fun events, and ran ourselves ragged. I can't wait to get a good night's sleep and get up for work in the morning (there was sarcasm in that last part in case you couldn't pick up on my tone.)

I've included some pictures of family. I'm not going to explain who everyone is, but if you know them, it's great to see current pictures.