Saturday, April 30, 2011

I Think Kyson Likes Bugs

The Easter Bunny brought Kyson many fabulous toys this year,
but the thing that he seems to like the most is his bug house and magnified glass. He loves to go into the yard and look for bugs, but then he'd keep them in an open tupperware container. I fear to think about how many bugs are loose in my house. Well the bug house has been such a blessing. We filled it up with dirt, a rock, some weeds, and a stick. I think it looks like a nice place to
live. If this was real estate, I think it would be a pretty nice condo. Since Easter, he's been out looking for many bugs and found 5 or so potato bugs that he put into the bug condo - then Grandpa Tinsch helped. Over the course of two bug safari adventures lasting probably 5 minutes each, Kyson found another 5+ potato bugs, a worm, a centipede he's named Bugsy, and a spider he's named Spot.
He's been taking the bug condo to bed and keeping it on his head- board; he's constantly looking for Bugsy and Spot and even wanted to them to breakfast this morning. Kris convinced him to bring pictures of the bugs rather than the real thing. I'm so glad he likes his bugs. I only hope they stay alive for a while. He'll be heart-broken when they go to that big condo in the sky.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Kyson

Four years ago, I went through an incredibly painful recovery after childbirth to bring my beautiful baby boy into the world. While he's no perfect child, I love him dearly and can't imagine my life without this precious boy. Sure, he is difficult to understand, doesn't always make sense, and can be socially awkward, he has stolen the hearts of many and hopefully he'll outgrow my previous list. Planning his birthday party this year has proven to be challenging because it seems like everyone is always busy. We managed to find a date that worked for a few, so we're hoping all can come - but it's over two weeks after his birthday. Because of this delay, we decided to take him to McDonald's for dinner and have a "tiny party" with his BFFs, the girls next door. He always wants to play with them and even though they may get annoyed by him, they're such good sports to hang out with him and make him feel special. We had ice cream and sang "Happy Birthday," but that really was about it. The girls were so nice to come over for him. After then left, we opened cards from his great grandma's (big grandmas as Kyson would call them), and then raced off to bed. It was a small way to celebrate a 4-year-old's birthday, but the big party will come soon enough. Hopefully it will be worth the wait for him.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Just like when Christmas comes, we milk the opportunity to bribe our children with good behavior by telling them the Easter Bunny doesn't come to boys who aren't nice. For a couple of weeks Kyson has been asking about "the bunny." He even woke us up last Thursday morning asking if the Bunny had come. The Easter Bunny did come to our house this morning, and he
didn't disappoint. It was simple, but it doesn't take much to make little kids happy.

Bright and early, 6:30am to be precise, Kyson woke up asking about the Bunny and because Kodi's basket was hidden under the coffee table, in plain sight, I had to get up with him. So Kris and I rolled out of bed and dragged our tired selves downstairs. Immediately Kyson started
scouring the downstairs for his basket and found it behind his chair in the family room. Of course he was most excited about his cars, but he played with a lot of things. Kodi woke up around 8 and had no trouble finding her basket either. She liked her Ritz crackers and books the most. I bought Kris a grill for the special occasion, but because it's too big to hide, I hid the propane tank with his basket. He didn't even notice the tank. When I told him to go back and look again, he got excited.

After the fun of looking through Easter baskets and enjoying a propane tank, we relaxed to an episode of Glee from Season 1 on Netflix. Nothing says Easter Sunday like Glee.
Then came Church.

The evening was the highlight. Kris's parents came over for dinner and an Easter Egg hunt and it was so much fun. Kyson was so excited about looking for Easter eggs that he hogged most of them.

Even when we'd try to p0int them out to Kodi, she'd get distracted by something and move on. Kyson probably got 3 times the amount she did, but it doesn't really matter - she doesn't really eat candy yet anyway. It was wonderful to have the company of Grandma and Grandpa Bodily. The whole day was wonderful and it's so nice to be able to share it with family.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day Trip

Even though Kris and I have many things to take care of around the house, we decided that part of our Spring Break time would be spent going to Vernal. Yesterday we left first thing in the morning and drove the three hour journey to Vernal. On the way there
Kyson and Kodi were great kids with a lot of enthu- siasm. We put on a couple of movies for them hoping Kyson would be entertained and Kodi would sleep. Kyson was entertained, but there was no hope for Kodi, and Kodi without her naps is Trouble. We kept telling Kyson that we were going to visit great-grandma, but he kept calling her "big" grandma. I guess he got the concept of "great" but with the wrong context. It was cute.

When we arrived, the kids were so excited. I don't know if they were excited to get out
wonderful and we were served Grandma'sof the car or to see "big grandma." We arrived just in time for lunch. We had a delicious meal with Grandma, Sharon, and Perry. The children wouldn't eat anything. It was probably because Kris, Kyson and Kodi ate an entire
canister of Pizza Pringles on the way there. The food was fantastic and we even got Grandma's famous mashed potatoes - boy they're good.

The rest of the afternoon was spent visiting. Kris was visiting with his grandma when he noticed a cricket on his leg. He called Kyson over, who is obsessed with bugs, and asked him to pick him up by the legs and take him outside. Kyson and I went outside with the little prisoner in hand, and then his bug hunting began. He was so excited about the cricket that he wanted to look for more bugs, potato bugs in particular. For
probably an hour Kyson and Kodi ran all over the yard, frolicking in the beautiful weather. Kyson was intently looking for bugs, but was only able to find an ant or two. Kodi was running around and laughing at everything. Eventually I was able toconvince them to come back inside so I could visit too.

I got them inside, but Kris's aunt Sharon is a regular play- ground. Kyson had so much fun with her that he had a hard time using an "indoor voice." They went into the back yard and walked around looking at different things in the yard. She's so good with kids. Kodi even went to her, but she wouldn't go to Grandma. Fortunately, Grandma was very patient and not offended by Kodi's antisocial behavior.

After a three hour visit, Kyson was ready to leave and Kodi desperately needed a nap, but we made sure to give a proper
goodbye to everyone, including Miss Kitty. We piled back in the car for our three hour drive to return home. Surpris- ingly, on the way home both kids slept, but not for long. Kyson slept for about an hour and Kodi only a half hour. Kodi typically sleeps about 5 hours a day in naps, and she slept half an hour. I was shocked that she had mutated by the end of the day. She wasn't terrible, just whiny. All in all, it was a great visit and I'm grateful we were able to dedicate the day to a day trip.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bug Safari

For a long time now, Kyson has had an obsession with bugs. Lately, though, he likes to go in the back yard and hunt for bugs. He used to carry the bugs in his pockets or carry a handful of bugs around the house, but I didn't like either of those two options so I give him a small tupperware container. I don't like the idea of using tupperware for bugs, but it's better than the alternative. I can't wait until he starts playing on his jungle gym again and doing some other things besides collecting bugs.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

To Tumble or Not to Tumble? That is the Question.

Kris and I decided to sign Kyson and Kodi up for a gymnastics class that was being held at the new Rec Center. It is taught by Bailey's Gymnastics and I know they're a good reputable company who knows what they're doing. The class was for ages 1-4 and we thought it would be great to put Kyson and Kodi in the same class. This would be fun for the two of them, and be easier on Kris rather than dealing with Kodi who wants to go play with her brother.

Monday was the long-awaited day and we excitedly took both kids to the class. Kodi immediately started running around on the mats and was loving it. Kyson reluctantly took off his shoes, but
joined the group sitting on the mat in the center; Kodi continued to run around. The teachers led the kids in some stretching exercises that Kyson had trouble following while Kodi ran around. Then the real fun began - They divided the kids into two groups and did handstands, back rolls, forward rolls, and all sorts of fun things. I bet you can't guess what Kodi did - she ran around. At about the last 15 minutes of the class Kyson started following his little sister's bad example. Kris and I probably looked like the biggest idiots chasing our two children around the mats.
Long story short, we've decided to withdraw Kodi from the class and use Hot Wheel cars as bribery for Kyson. We'll see how things go next week.

Monday, April 4, 2011

18 Months

Kodi has just turned 18 months and it's been so much fun to have her. I took her for her 18-month check-up and she's doing so well. She's a happy little girl and she loves to play and tease. She can say 4 things: Mama, Daddy, love you, and thank you. None of the words are very clear and I think only a parent or grandparent would understand, but it's still exciting. She's still a lightweight and she finally broke the 20 lb mark to go forward facing. Here are her stats from her check-up.
Weight: 20.25 lbs (3%)
Length: 31.5" (46%)
Head Size: 18" (27%)
She's a very helpful little girl. She puts her toys away if she sees someone else doing it, and she even was cleaning up all the toys at the doctor's office - without being told. She loves her big brother and I'm hoping they stay the good friends that they are now. Kodi is also quite the diva. She shimmies when she's happy or likes something, and she bats her eyes when she's trying to be facetious - she's pretty darn cute.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

24 - Hansen Style

The past 24 hours has been as full and intense as an episode of 24. It's amazing how much can happen in just a few hours.

9:00pm Thursday night
I had the privilege of going to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple to do cleaning. While that doesn't sound like much of a privilege to go clean for a few hours, sacrifice sleep, and not get paid, I can honestly say it was wonderful. Earlier that evening I had been having some cramp-like pains, and had debated about going. I took some Tylenol hoping the pain would subside and it did a little, but once your in a beautiful surrounding with spectacular friends, it's hard to notice pain. I worked mainly with 2 people,
Beth and Randy, and it was a lot of fun. At one point Randy and I had Ghostbuster vacuums that strapped to our backs. I need to get me one of those. It's so easy to vacuum stairs with those things. I had a map of the areas I was supposed to vacuum and I had a really hard time following it. It's hard to read maps when you don't know what you're doing. I couldn't tell if rugs were in a lobby or in a room. I had no idea that even the rugs outside as you enter the temple are vacuumed daily. We were there until about 12:15am chatting, joking, and cleaning. It was a wonderful experience that I think anyone should take advantage of when the opportunity arises.

6:30am Friday morning
I had hoped the kids would sleep in since I had a long night, but of course, that would never happen. Early in the morning I started my day running errands getting things together and planning my day. I had decided to take Friday off to work on the yard. I desperately want to finish
it, but the weather and time have been preventing me from getting it done. I worked on the yard while Kris worked on the lawn mower. Kodi was helping Kris by handing him tools and being there for moral support and Kyson...well, Kyson was being 3. We worked all morning cleaning things up, finishing our retaining walls for the flowerbeds, and then ran a few more errands. That evening I went with my father to buy trees and bushes and I'm very excited to get this taken care of.

7:00pm Friday evening
Kris was digging holes like crazy and working so fast I could barely keep up with him. He's such a Herculean hunk. The pain that I had been feeling the night before was increasing and then around 8:00 I noticed obvious blood in my urine and decided to go to the
InstaCare. While at the InstaCare the pain was getting stronger and shot up into my kidney. They said I had a UTI and a kidney stone - no wonder I was in pain. I picked up an antibiotic and painkillers on the way home and by the time I left the pharmacy I was in such excruciating pain I could barely drive home. The remainder of the evening and all through the night was a nightmare. 2 Lortabs wasn't dulling the pain and I nearly had to go back to the emergency room at about 12:30. This is my 9th kidney stone. Three of those stones have been surgically removed and I've had my kidney drained from a blockage. This stone has probably been the 3rd most painful stone I've had. It was terrible. I'm now functioning, but feel so weak. I can't wait for it all to be over with.