Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Remembering Jason

Jason William Tinsch
June 24, 1980 - March 25, 2002
It's hard to believe that it's been six years since Jason passed away. It's still hard when the holidays come, when March 25th comes, and when his birthday comes and passes and we don't celebrate it. They say that you don't realize how much you care for someone until you no longer have them. I think the entire family learned that when we lost Jason. He would be turning 28 this June. Rather than being sad about his death, I want to remember his life. I have a few fond memories: biking with him at Moab, dancing with him at my wedding, and seeing how much he'd grown while I was on my mission. Growing up, I didn't like Jason. He teased me and I couldn't take a joke. Jennifer and Jason were always ganging up on me and it took 20 years to appreciate those times. He was a prankster, even though you couldn't see it in his innocent looking face. I'll never forget when he blew up the neighbors backyard with his friends, and when he would take my dad's truck joyriding before he even had a permit. All I can say is he kept my poor parents on their toes, but boy did we all love him. Now, we all miss him.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Baptisms, Breaks, and Babies

This weekend has been so eventful, I broke it into 2 blogs. Today we had the privilege of attending the Baptist church where my sister and her family attend. All four kids were baptized into their church and it was exciting to be apart of it. It was a wonderful experience and the people there were so inviting and warm. We never once felt out of place. Unfortunately, their church is VERY quiet and Kyson didn't want to behave very much, and every time the preacher started to pray, Kyson started whining. During the baptisms, Chelsie went first, then Kelley whose face showed to us how cold the water was, then Josh and lastly was Bailey. It's kind of funny to think that now that my sister is Baptist, in my immediate family alone we have three different religions. Thank goodness for free agency.

On a sadder note, my grandfather had a rough week. Last weekend he fell while bringing in his garbage cans and was pinned under them for an extended period of time. He was in and out of emergency this week and on Wednesday they found his back was broken in 2 places. He was released from the hospital today and is in Health South a rehabilitation center, where they can help him get his strength back and will be able to care for him until he can care for himself. While he's had a rough week, he's in good spirits.

Another spout of good news is an old friend of mine, Sam Stevens, and his wife had a baby on March 5th at 12:37 pm. It was a baby girl names Vienne Eva. She weighed 7 lbs 11 oz and was 19" long. I haven't seen her in person, but she looks adorable from the pictures.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Many Talents of Kyson

Kyson comes to work with me on occasion and I finally remembered to bring a camera to take a picture of him exercising his executive powers. I couldn't resist sharing this photo with our friends and family. Not only is he a talented computer hacker, but he also has the hidden talent of putting an entire coffee table in his mouth. He can even rub his mouth across the table and do our dusting for us. I can't begin to tell you how much I hate it when he does these things on restaurant tables - hello E Coli.

Along with licking furniture and making mommy sick, we had the opportunity to go to our nephew's 3rd birthday party. We were the first ones to arrive, so Kyson and Elliot had the opportunity to rock out on Elliot's piano. Elliot's party was very informal so we didn't get to see each of the presents as he opened them, but I think he was happy to have so many people there. Happy Birthday Elliot!