Sunday, September 30, 2012

Family Photos

I've wanted to have a professional take a nice family photo for a couple of years.  We haven't paid for a professional since Kyson was 14 months old.  They were well worth it, but when the next year came, I didn't think it was worth it to pay for someone to try and take a picture with an uncooperative two-year-old.  I've had the same problem for 3-4 years where I have children who just won't sit and pose and I don't want to pay hundreds of dollars hoping to have one good picture.

A friend of mine from high school is working on a portfolio to become a photographer and was asking for families that she could take pictures of for practice.  She said she'd take the pictures, photo shop them, and give them to us on a jump drive for a very reasonable price.  I figured, "Why not."  It'll help her and help us.  While the kids were of course, uncooperative, she didn't do a bad job and we have some great pictures.  Thank you Sara Low Photography.

Happy Birthday Kodi

It's hard to believe that it's already been three years since our little Kodi was born.  She's definitely got her own personality, and still struggles with her speech.  She continues to adore her big brother and copy everything he does, but he now likes to tease her relentlessly, which drives me crazy!  She is obsessed with princesses and the Disney Princess names are some of the few words she can actually say.  When I say obsessed, I mean really obsessed   She keeps the packaging of every princess item she has ever received and carries it with her everywhere.  She usually takes everything to bed as well.  I really hope she moves out of this hoarding/OCD stage.  It's quite unhealthy.

We decided to have her birthday party a few days before her birthday this year because last year the hunting season and flu season got in the way and we had to wait a long time.  It worked out well and we were able to have a nice turn-out - everyone was able to come.

She got a princess cake for her party, that we had to protect very carefully.  As soon as I set the cake on the coffee table, she was ready to go for it.  Someone had to hold her hands back while I lit the candles.  She didn't blow out her candles; she just sat there not knowing what to do.  Josh even tried blowing on the gently from behind her to show her what to do - she didn't get it.  The boys eventually blew them out.  Kodi received many wonderful princess gifts and a new fall wardrobe that she didn't care about at all.  Once again, the boys were all so eager to help that we had to stop them from opening her presents.  The weather cooperated for us for the party as well.  It gave us the opportunity to send all the kids outside to play, and they could even eat their cake and ice cream outside - no complaints there.  


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

T-Ball Clinic

When we heard the rec center was offering clinics for a few sports, we decided to take advantage of it and give Kyson a chance to  see what he liked.  We figured 4 classes would be better than an entire season, especially if he hated it.  It's 4, 45-minute sessions for t-ball, and next month will be the same thing for football.  We've learned that t-ball is not his thing.  he is bored out of his mind and causing trouble.  At least we figured it out early on.  On the bright side, Kodi posed well during the practice.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

So Girly

Kodi is the epitome of girl.  She wants fancy dress-up clothes, has her hair done regularly, will only wear dresses, carries a purse, and just acts like a girl.  I'm not sure where it comes from and am starter to believe a little more in nature versus nurture a little differently.

 Because she likes all of this stuff, I thought I'd try to paint her toenails.  This is the first time we've ever done anything like this and she didn't understand she had to sit still.  She also needed to wait for them to dry before she started playing around again.  She got back up immediately and wiped some of the polish off, but it wasn't a bad first attempt.  She was pretty excited and I guess that's all that matters, right?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Proud Parent Moment

Kyson and Kodi are pretty good about entertaining themselves, but every once in a while, the house goes quiet.  That's usually a bad sign.  This time, however, the two were quietly coloring in Kyson's room.  There was no arguing, or fighting over crayons or who got to color what.  It was a proud parent moment.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Just Because They're Cute

I love to take pictures of the kids, but there isn't always a reason to write about what is happening in the picture.  I just want to take a minute to share some cute pictures of Kyson and Kodi over the past few months.

Kodi with her new butterfly wings

Kyson wanted to have out picture taken - so I did it.

Painting at the kitchen table

Dancing to the music of Mulan

Watching a Disney movie together, with chips

Kodi got into something so shouldn't have