Saturday, September 10, 2011

BBQ #2

Seven years ago, we moved to Herriman, but before that, we lived in the Carrol Joe Apartments in Salt Lake City. Some friends from high school lived across the hall from us and neither one of us had any children at the time. David and Sara became very close friends and the time we lived across the hall from them were some of the best years Kris and I had in our married lives. It was so much fun. We got very close and would even leave our doors open on the top floor and move freely from one apartment to the other. We expected to keep in close touch when we moved, and I believe David and Sara
did too, but with distance and children, more and more time passed until seven years passed without seeing each other. A short time ago, I contacted Sara on Facebook and we set a date to see each other again. It was so needed.

David and Sara have two beautiful children now - Spencer and Rachel. We ate, let the children play, and caught up on times.
Even though a lot of time had passed, it was as if no time passed at all. I think that's how you know they're true friends - you can pick up where you left off and not miss a beat. I'm so grateful for their friendship and we can't let another seven years pass before we get together again.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day

As tradition, we went to Bear Lake this year for Labor Day weekend. Typically, I have a lot for family for the holiday, but it was only my Aunt and Uncle, Dennis and Gretchen, and my parents. It was actually really nice having a small crowd. No one really planned to go so we literally threw together meals at the last second and just had a nice relaxing weekend. More than anything,
I like to go up for Kyson. He loves to go there and play in the sand and water, ride his big wheel, and go four-wheeling. The weekend didn't disappoint for the four-year-old with such high expectations. He played in the water with my dad, played on the beach with Kodi, went on long walks on his big wheel
with Kris and I, and went four-wheeling with a big group.

This trip, Kyson decided to do something a little different with his big wheel - ride it into the lake. While I thought it was strange, he truly loved it. At one point though, he lost his balance in the water and wasn't getting it back. I had to pull a Baywatch move and run down the beach to rescue him. He'd swallowed a bit of water was all, but I think he thought it was worth it. He continued to ride the big wheel into the water.

The whole thing was great and I look forward to the next visit.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Kyson, for some unknown reason, is in love with this song called "Robot." If you're into old school rap you might have
heard of KRS-One. Well, Kris likes this particular group and played the song for Kyson just for fun one day and it has stuck. Now he requests to see the video all the time so he can act out it while it's playing. Before this can happen, however, he has to grab his hat, wear it sideways, and grab his "glasses" like the rappers. Because he lost his sunglasses, he has borrowed Mr. Potato Head's.

To top it off, he likes to wrap his blanket around himself like a cape - that is not in the video so I don't know why he does it. He likes to stand with his arms outstretched like in the beginning of the video and pretend he's a robot.

And what rap video is complete without girls in very little clothing. There are four girls in swim
suit-like garb that act like robots. He thinks I'm the girl on the far left because her hair is in a ponytail. Kris said, "Well she's the best dancer of them all." So I guess this should be taken as a compliment that my son thinks I'd prance around in a bikini. Oh little boys - the things they like and believe. One day, he'll look back on this and laugh.
He also has mastered the Homey-G look. I told him to smile for a picture and he posed like this:
He looks so dangerous with his notebook that has puppies on it right in front of him. :)