Saturday, May 15, 2010

Starting Preschool

Quite some time ago, Kyson began doing therapy for food and speech. After 6 months or so, we wanted the therapy to focus on enunciation rather than vocabulary building, but that isn't the way it was going. At that time we quit the therapy. About 2 months before he turned 3, we started back up with the therapy so he could be tested again for his abilities in areas. This testing would determine whether or not he would qualify for a special education preschool program with Jordan District. He qualified and I'm so grateful. This preschool is 2 days a week 2 hours each day and is taught by 3 teachers with Masters Degrees and a speech pathologist. He rides the school bus to and from school every day and they pick him up and drop him off at our house.

Kyson began his first day of school on May 11. He doesn't like new people or surround- ings and because of that, I wasn't sure how he'd react. The first day, I happened to have the week off so I drove him there and left him with his teachers. He didn't want to go. He cried as they each took a hand and took him into the school. It felt so weird driving home without my little boy.

That afternoon, Kris and I were anxiously waiting for the bus. I was so excited to see him and see how he did and hear the teachers' comments about him. It seemed like forever for the bus to arrive. Kris caught a picture of me watching out the window, looking for my little guy. When the bus pulled up to the house, I was so excited, I ran outside to get him off. I think he liked the bus.

There were no notes in his backpack to say how he did, but there was a homework assignment to decorate a star to show Kyson's personality and interests. It also had a schedule for the week which was themed "Pirates." They were reading the book called Pirates Don't Wear Diapers. His teacher emailed me shortly after he came home and told me he did really well. It seems that preschool will be a hit.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

My Mother's Day was great this year. Every year it is, but this was the first year that I received a gift from my little boy and I got exactly what I asked for from my husband. Early on Sunday morning, Kris came to me while I was getting ready for church with a small gift in his hands. My first thought was,"What did he get me, because what I want you can't wrap." Then I saw this strange thing: it was a silver fortune cookie. When I opened it, I was ecstatic. It was a little fortune cookie telling me that I would be going on a date with my husband. Then on the back were "lucky numbers" like fortunes have, but that was the date we were going on the date. It was perfect.

My day progressed by going to church and when I left church, in nursery, the little kids had made necklaces for their moms. It was made of pasta and hearts. I loved it and wore it all day. It was absolutely perfect because Kris didn't buy it for me, Kyson made it for me. I'm sure I looked goofy, but hey, I'm a mom. If my son makes me something, I'm going to wear it.

After chruch we had the pleasure of going to my parents to visit with my sister and her family and we stayed to have dinner with my parents. We had some great chats and I loved seeing everyone. I know I'm always saying how much I love to see my family, but it's true, and I want to make sure they know it.

All in all, it was a perfect day. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kyson's First Prayer

Tonight, Kyson didn't go to bed on time. He usually goes to bed at 9, and I put him to bed at 9, but after about a half hour of playing in his room, he came out. He wanted some water, so Kris and I gave him a small cup of water but told him he had to sit at the table to drink it. After so much time had passed I was waiting for him to finish and I walked over to him with my arms crossed. He understood that as a prompt for prayers. So he asked, "Prayers?" When your 3-year-old asks to say prayers you don't pass it up, so I bowed my head and closed my eyes. Kyson then proceeded to say a prayer without any prompting or help. His prayer went like this: "Henly Father, Hamma, Hopa, Jen and Bill, Mommy, Daddy, jibberish, pig, jibberish, green, purple, jibberish, home, jibberish, Amen." I can't tell you how proud I was at that moment. It was the most beautiful prayer I had ever heard. What a great Mother's Day Gift from my son.

Monday, May 3, 2010

What a Weiner

For some time, we've talked about getting a second dog for Franni Faye. She is a very playful dog who, as my students say, is an "attention ho." We love her to pieces, but she needs a playmate. We take her to my parents' house as often as we can to let her play over there, but she's so young and energetic and they're so old and fat (the dogs, not my parents). They play with her, but she seems to be a bit of a pest to them sometimes.

We saw a sign for mini dachshund puppies and though we'd seen the sign for a week, on Saturday we decided to call. We figured, "It doesn't hurt to just call." After talking to the owner, we found out there was only one puppy left, so our thought was'" It doesn't hurt to just go see the puppy." I really didn't plan on buying it until I spoke with my aunt, Gretchen, who had been raised with this breed and had owned some in her adult like. She raved about them. So we bought him.

As soon as we got him home, Fran started bullying the poor thing. She became very possessive of everything. She growled at him - even though when we introduced them at the owner's store, she was fine. This was her territory now, and he was invading! I was worrying they wouldn't get a long, which defeated our purpose for getting him. But by morning, they were pals, running all over and playing a lot.

Potty training - that's another dread. Internet reviews did not speak highly of potty training this breed, but we've had no problem so far. He's GREAT! We take him out every 2 hours or so, and he'll go to the bathroom. he's obviously not telling us when he needs to go, but at least he's not going in the house. I'm hoping within a couple of weeks, all will be well.

So, the name . . . the thing many have waited to know. We juggled with Henry, Wallace, and Leroy. We called family to get opinions, and we have decided on Leroy. He responds to the name and seems to like. It haven't finalixed the spelling yet, but we'll figure it out soon enough.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

What a Party!

As mentioned, Kyson turned 3 the other day and we had a party to celebrate the momentous occasion. We invited both sides of our family over and had cake and icecream. I have to confess that when I think of family birthday parties, I don't think of fun. I think of an oppor- tunity to visit and see the family, eat unneeded calories, and listen to children fight over toys. I was so pleasantly surprised with this party. I don't know if it was because it was my son's party, or if it really was as much fun as I thought. Everyone made it - which has never happened - and it was a great chance to talk.

When Kyson opened his presents, he was a typically three-year-old. He would open a present, give the toke, "Wow," then move to the next. When it was clothes, it was even faster, he didn't even get them out of the box. At one point, he handed a present to his cousin Blake and asked him to open one so he could get through them faster, I guess. When we got to the birthday cake portion of the evening, he didn't blow out the candles, everyone else was trying to show him how to blow and the excessive air flow around the candles blew them out on their own.

The real fun began when the traditional stuff was over. The kids went outside and played, along with Kris and some of the other people. We decided to try out one of Kyson's new presents. It was a game called Elefun and it's this plastic elefant with a loooooong trunk. Out of the trunk the elephant blows out butterflies that you catch in nets. Kris's mom and step-dad played the game with my 2 14-year- old nephews. It was hilarious. Josh kept cheating by knocking butterflies out of Carol's net, and they'd pick up betterflies from the ground and put them in their baskets. We had some great entertainment.

Overall, it was some fun times and I'm so appreciative of everything from mine and Kris's families. The gifts were awesome and he loves every single one of them.