Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Kyson!

This weekend has been wonderful and exhausting. Today, Kyson turned one. It's amazing that time has flown so quickly. It feels like yesterday that I was in the hospital terrified to delivery this baby boy. I'm so grateful that he is a part of our lives. While it is difficult being a mom, it's wonderful. This weekend we had a birthday party for him and went to the zoo. I have fantastic pictures of everything, but Kris is sleeping and I don't know where the cord is that connects the camera to the computer. So I'm going to give you a year in review. You will see 12 pictures - one for each month that he has been a part of our lives - with one addition - just before. I promise to add the birthday pictures soon, and I'll tell you all about the festivities.

A week before delivery. I didn't know Kris took this picture, but it's probably good that he did considering I have VERY few pictures of me pregnant.

April - minutes after his birth

May - one month old

June - 2 months old

July - 3 months old

August - 4 months old

September - 5 months old

October - 6 months old

November - 7 months old

December - 8 months old (He looks like a Buddhist monk)

January - 9 months

February - 10 months old

March - 11 months

I was hoping to put his birthday picture for April making it 12 months, but as I explained before, I cannot. I hope you've enjoyed this sum up of the past year. We've been through many things, and love almost every minute of it :).

Just an update on his eating and doctor appointment. He hasn't thrown up for 2 weeks. It's a record! And the doctor has had a cancellation and we will be taking him in on May 6. He hasn't gained weight in months, but is not malnourished, just not getting enough food.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

New Hobby and Favorite Pics

Since October I have had a new hobby of doing genealogy. It's been so awesome to find out information on my ancestors. I've found so many stories of when my family moved to the United States, and I received some pictures from my grandmother about my family. It's been so fun to see my grandfather in his marine uniform for World War II, the picture of my father when he graduated from high school, and my great grandmother who was born in 1891 and died before I was born. I love learning about these people and making sense of where I come from. I've been contacting people all over the United States, and it's amazing how helpful strangers can me. I recently have been in contact with a man in Texas; I've never met him, but he has sent me the entire history of my great-grandmother's sister and when she moved here from Switzerland. It's amazing how the doors open when you are finding your ancestors.

I have no new pictures to share this week for a few reasons. 1) I've been spending every spare minute on a gift I'm working on for my grandmother's 90th birthday. She doesn't read this so I'm okay saying that. 2) Our card for the digital camera filled up. 3) Kyson's birthday is next weekend and I have to take a test next weekend and won't have time to clean the house then. Please forgive me. So because I have no new pictures, I'm going to share a few from when Kyson was smaller and I hadn't started a blog yet.
Kyson was a big boy when he was born 9 lbs 5 oz and 22 in.

He thinned out quickly, and Kris was always so willing to step up and help with the feedings.

Kristian was always willing to read to Kyson, even if it was his college textbooks. Kyson, really looked like he enjoyed it :)

Our bald little baby had a lot of fun at his first baseball game when he was a month and a half.

We went to Vernal to the dinosaur museum with Kris' brother's family.

Look closely! Kyson is in there and went tubing for the first time when he was 3 and a half months.

In September, Kyson was 4 months, we went camping in Manti and Kyson was tired from going 4-wheeling for the first time.

I just love this picture of Kyson and my dad. It's priceless.

I hope you haven't been bored with the pictures, these a just a few of my favorites. Don't worry, you'll get a year's worth of Kyson very soon.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Avery!

Yesterday, April 12th, our little nephew turned 4. He has joined our family 3 1/2 years ago when Kris' brother and sister-in-law, Rusty and Amy, adopted him. He LOVES Star Wars and of course, every girft he got had Star Wars. It's always fun to have excuses to get together as a family. We'll be doing the same thing soon for Kyson - I can't believe it!

At the party, Kyson wore shorts for the first time of the season and he looks like a total homey G. You can barely see any legs. My mom said that my brother was the same way when she'd put him in shorts - his legs would disappear and they looked like pants. Maybe it's cheesey, but I love hearing people say that Kyson reminds them of Jason.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I Am So Blessed

This week, I received some sad news. An old friend from high school lost his wife and newborn baby on April first from complications from a premature delivery. He is now left a widower at 30 with 3 small children. I can't even fathom the pain and worry he must feel. For those of you who went to high school with me his name is Nathan Pemberton. When I received word of this, I was heart-broken, and went to bed that night with tears in my eyes, full of gratitude for what I have.

I have a wonderful husband who supports me in anything I do. He prays every night that I will feel less stress, that I'll get a good night's sleep, and is always mindful of me - even when I'm not mindful of him. I have a beautiful baby boy who is healthy and happy and brightens my days with his smiles. I adore my family. It's so sad that it takes someone else's tragedy for me to see how truly blessed I am.