Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nothing Special

I've slacked on updating lately partly because Kris' birthday was a few weeks ago and I wanted to write something about him and never got to it, and partly because I haven't felt up to doing anything. Tonight I'm finally feeling somewhat human, so I'm trying to update what I can.

Kyson's therapy is still a major work in progress. It's amazing how aware you have to be of what you say and what you do when trying to give your toddler opportunities to speak. I realized I'm about 10 steps ahead of him. I'm grabbing his coat or opening doors for him before he has a chance to ask for things. We're also supposed to learn sign language to help him communicate as well. It's hard to slow down and think about everything we're doing, but we're working on it. He's making progress. I don't think it's necessarily directly from therapy, but from the therapy we're learning about things we can do to get to his level and ways to give him opportunities to ask for his needs. It's a lot to think about.

Kyson's been having a lot of fun just being a little boy. He's just so happy. He's starting to get into these screaming fits were he screams, and it's annoying. They're happy screams, but why? Even with his quirks, we sure do love having him in our family.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Finishing the Family

Some may wonder why we've been moving Kyson, well the answer is because we're preparing to finish our family. Today we found out that I'm pregnant, and this will be the last time we go through this experience. This has been a very planned event since last year. We decided after my "time" in January, we would begin trying for our last child. I found out I was pregnant this afternoon. We are elated, but I can't help but think about the long miserable pregnancy that is ahead of me. I pray that this time is nothing like Kyson's.

We weren't planning on telling anyone but our family, but because we use this blog as a way of journaling, I thought it best to record it. If you work with me, however, please don't say anything. I will not be telling my boss or my students for some time. My due date is October 15.

I'm grateful that I got pregnant so quickly because Kris' job is doing lay-offs. I had been praying to know if it was right to go ahead with our intended plan of trying in January because of the potential risk of Kris losing his job, and with that, our insurance. But I felt like if I got pregnant this month, everything would be okay. If I didn't, it wasn't the right time. Apparently, all will be fine and I'm so grateful. Ironically, a few days after we found out about being pregnant, Kris moved up in seniority.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kyson's New Room

We've been working on re-arranging rooms and furniture since Christmas Break. We finally have the finished product. Kyson has been moved into what used to be the study, and the study has been moved to the loft. Because we had moved the furniture out of Kyson's new room, we decided to paint it before we moved him in. It's been a fun project to do together. Of course, we didn't invite Kyson to participate in the bonding time, but it was fun for Kris and I to do this together. We eventually plan to paint the entire house the same color so it will be two-toned, but we realize this will take a VERY long time and hope to finish in the year 2009. Kyson loves the new room and has adjusted to it well. With the painted walls, it just brings about a "homey" feeling that we really enjoy.