Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Leroy!

I know that most people do not have birthday parties for their dogs, but when he's a member of the family and the kids love to have parties, there really wasn't any other option.  Leroy turned 2 on March 1st, which also happens to be Justin Bieber's birthday.  I bought some simple party hats, cupcakes for the kids, and dog treats for the dogs.

When it came time to sing "Happy Birthday," I put a cupcake on the coffee table with two candles and dog treats all around.  Kodi kept blowing out the candles as soon as I lit them, and Leroy jumped on the coffee table and stole all the dog treats - but left the cupcake.  i was amazed.  These dog treats were filet mignon flavored, but who would have guessed that my garbage dog would leave a cupcake behind.

We had a lot fun cele- brating Leroy's birthday.  I now have a 2 year old in human years and a 14 year old in dog years.  Either way, it's not a fun age.


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