Monday, March 5, 2012

Cracking the Case

After the paper explosion in Kyson's bedroom, we started looking at the evidence and things didn't add up.

1)  The paper was spread so thoroughly and evenly about the crime scene - far too difficult for a two-year-old.

2)  The paper was all over the bed - they'd have to be wrinkled for a two-year-old to get off the bed after making the mess

3)  She was never alone long enough to be able to create such a disaster

4)  The door was shut and she wouldn't have shut the behind her.

After this new evidence, there is only one conclusion, the original suspect couldn't be the perpetrator.  While we didn't have a lot to go on, I found a witness.  After interviewing her, she gave some new evidence that totally cracked the case.  Because this new witness lives with the new suspect, we felt it best to keep her identity anonymous.

So I interviewed the new suspect to check for an alibi and motive.  The suspect claimed he was grocery shopping at the time, but no one could verify that for us.  We also found a motive - he's recently retired and needs something to do.  Our new suspect - Bill Tinsch.  According to our star witness, he borrowed our key and snuck into the premises while we were at church.  We'll keep you updated as new details are released.  

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