Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sick Again!!!

Seriously, I don't know how much more I can take of this. Kyson got sick again just before Halloween, but was able to recover and enjoy the holiday. Wednesday morning, that ended. At about 4:30 in the morning, Kyson woke up complaining that his ear hurt. I told him that he needed to go back to bed, but we'd check on his ear again in the morning. By 6:00, Kyson was coughing his lungs out and throwing up from all the mucus. He threw up a good 8 times in an hour and even started to either cough up or throw up blood. It wasn't good. Kris took him to the doctor at 9:00 and he had an ear infection and bronchitis.

At 3:00 in the afternoon, I called to check in with Kyson. I happened to ask how many doses of the antibiotic Kris had been able to get into Kyson. Kris told me he never got an antibiotic. I called the pharmacy immediately thinking there was a mistake. The pharmacy said that they only got the prescription for the ear drops, but nothing else. So I called the doctor, but had to leave a message because he was with other patients. After 5, I got a call from his nurse, but I was teaching a class and just missed the call. Her message said, "We gave him an antibiotic this morning. Call the pharmacy and see if it's there. If there are any other questions, call us back." Well I tried to call them back IMMEDIATELY, but they had already turned off their phones and only gave the phone number of an on-call doctor. So I called him, but there was only a voicemail. The doctor's office had given another number to call if I couldn't reach the on-call doctor, but it was Jordan Valley Hospital and they said they would just send me to the ER. That isn't what I needed. Eventually the on-call doctor called me back and told me that I should check with the pharmacy again because my doctor may have sent over another script. I called the pharmacy, and they had nothing. So I called the on-call doctor back again. He finally called in a prescription and I picked it up on my way home. All of these phone calls were done during a class I was supposed to be teaching - great.

By the time I got the first dose of antibiotic in Kyson's little body, nearly 11 hours had passed since his doctor's appointment that morning. He then had a fever of 102 and was too weak to walk. His ear was still hurting so much and he was either sobbing or sleeping all evening. I felt so bad for the poor little guy. I put him in the bathtub to try and help him feel better and he literally laid in the tub for 20-25 minutes. He didn't want to get out. In the end, I carried him to bed, gave him some Tylenol to try and reduce the fever, and prayed he'd feel better soon.

This morning, he was doing so much better. In fact, the first thing he said was, "Mom, I'm hungry." If only we'd gotten the antibiotic earlier. He wouldn't have had to suffer all day long.

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