Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Day for Thanks

Thanksgiving is a holiday I look forward to every year. I love being with family so much, and even when it's my turn to host and I have to put in all the work, it's worth it to me to be with my family. This year was my turn and the entire event turned out very pleasant. My parents, Jen, Bill, and Josh came. We invited Carol and Errol, but they weren't able to make it - so we took some dinner to them later. Kyson was so excited to have everyone he liked so much under one roof together. He talked about it for weeks before the big day.

After dinner, we went bowling. Last year we decided to start a new tradition on Thanksgiving and go bowling. I really like it. We only played on game, but I think everyone enjoyed it. I used
to be a decent bowler, but not any more. I pretty much suck. It's pretty bad when a 4-year-old beats me. At least I didn't get beat by Kodi too (like Josh did- ha). Even Kyson and Kodi loved the bowling. We gave them bumpers and the rolling ramp, and Kodi would run up and push the ball and ran back to the waiting area, but she'd get so impatient until it was her turn. Kyson started off great. He got a spare in his first frame! He nearly broke 100. I was so proud.

After bowling, we went to visit my Grandpa Gunn. Kyson was a great sport. He went up and
gave Grandpa Gunn a high five and talked to him for a second. Kodi has major "stranger danger" and wouldn't get hear him, even when I was holding her. It was a short visit, but I'm glad we made it by.

After all the events, we came back to our house for pie, and to look through the ads. After Thanksgiving comes the big "holiday" of Black Friday. It's also a favorite holiday because I love to rush through the stores looking for deals and watch the chaos. It's also great bonding with my mom. This year, Black Friday was crazier than ever because rather than opening at 4 or 5am like stores usually do, most of them opened at midnight. It caused for an all-nighter of shopping. It's a lot of work and it's exhausting, but it's so worth it. Both Thursday and Friday were fabulous, but the rest I got after those two big events was something to be thankful for.

Final score of the game. The order is: Kyson, Josh, Kris, Kodi, Kelli

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