Monday, November 28, 2011

"Dennis and Gretchens"

Kyson has been so excited about every holiday this year and when we told him we were going to put of the Christmas tree, he got super excited. But all day he kept talking about Dennis and Gretchen and we couldn't figure out why. I'd ask him if he wanted to go to breakfast with Dennis and Gretchen and he'd say that he wasn't talking about that. Eventually, we figured out that "Dennis and Gretchens" were decorations. Sometimes translating toddler language is really cryptic, but so fun once you figure it out.

Kris and I have been married for 10 years and never have we put the ornaments on the tree. We've always had two main reasons - Komodo or other puppies, and it's too much work to put it all back. Because Kyson was at an age where he'd appreciate it, we decided now would be a good year to start decorating with ornaments. Kyson was wonderful. He did a really good job of spacing out the ornaments and putting them throughout the tree.
Kodi kept coming back for more and more and she was soo fast. We finally figured out that she wasn't even hanging them but making a pile on one branch. It was cute. We spaced a few of them out when her back was turned.

The kids really enjoyed it, and it was really fun to put up "Dennis and Gretchens" for Christmas.

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