Saturday, November 19, 2011

First Big Snowfall

This weekend we had the first big snowfall of the year. I'm so grateful that it landed on a weekend. We only got a few inches, but it was enough that we had to shovel. Apparently the snow had melted by the end of the day in Riverton. Ours definitely will not melt in a day. Kyson was so excited for the snow. He ran into our room first thing in the morning and said, "It's Christmas, there's snow!" We had to break it to him that just because it snows doesn't mean it's Christmas. Kris went out and shoveled the driveway and sidewalk, and just as he finished, Kyson decided he wanted to go outside and shovel - but it was all done. I told Kris to go shovel the back with him. Kyson ran through the house looking for his boots, gloves, hat, and coat, and he ran outside shovel in hand ready to be helpful. It was adorable to see how excited he was about shoveling snow. He was out there for quite some time, then he decided to make snow angels. He was only in a sweatshirt coat and levis and was playing in the snow. About an hour later, he came in because he was so cold. I'm glad he had fun though. We'll have to make a snowman one of these days.

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