Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Leonardo and 5 Seconds of Fame

I've worked at La Europa Academy for over 6 years now, and in
the past few years, we've tried to incorp- orate more field trips into the school year. We currently schedule one per quarter. For 1st quarter, we decided to go to the Leonardo Museum, a new museum in Salt Lake. I had never heard of it, and that's probably because it has only been open a week. This museum fuses art, science and technology, and has many
interactive exhibits. This is a teenage heaven.
Our students were there for 2 hours and when time was up, they didn't want to leave.

One exhibit was Google Earth on the floor. You controlled the
map with your feet and all of the students took turns showing everyone their house. It was fun to see where they live. Many live on the coast or in really nice areas. There was another place where you could walk into a box-like thing, and an
animation would copy your moves. Many of the
girls really liked that. I believe the favorite was the green screen. When you stood in front of the screen, a video camera would put you on the screen with a different background. You could also make yourself invisible by holding something green in front of yourself.

Not only did we get to see an amazing museum,
but many of us got to have our 5 seconds of fame. Big Budda from Fox 13 News was there. When I asked him if I could have a picture with him, he asked if a few people from our group would be willing to go on camera to make comments about the museum. Eric, the history teacher, Shery, the science teacher, and
I were all inter- viewed and on the news. Eric was on the 5:00 news and Shery and I were on the 9:00 news. It was funny to hear how many people saw me. The next morning at breakfast, Dennis and Gretchen said they saw me, people at church said they saw me, and I was even recognized at a local fast food place. It was a cool experience, but boy I look funny on camera.

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