Saturday, July 3, 2010

Our Little Lady

Kodi is now 9 months old and it's hard to believe that it's been that long. She's sitting up, chattering, starting to crawl, and is still just the happiest little baby. I took her to the doctor yesterday and everything looks fabulous, except I noticed that she doesn't grab for things. She stares, but rarely tries to get things. We now need to watch for her to do the following over the next few weeks:
1) reaching and grabbing objects
2) switching objects from hand to hand
3) "Pincer" grasping
4) feeding self
5) Giving herself her bottle or cup
I don't see many of these things, and none of them do I see on a regular basis. If after closely watching for these things, if she's not doing them, we need to take her to a neurologist just to be safe and have her checked out. I'm hoping it's nothing.

As far as her size, she's still a petite little gal, expecially compared to Kyson. She's still wearing 3-6 month clothes, but I'm starting to buy some 6-9 month because I think she'll be in them soon. Kyson was in 1 or 2T by this age. Even now he just turned 3 and he's in 5T clothes. I'm so glad he's the tall one, and she's the petite one. It would suck if the roles were switched.
Weight: 17.6 lbs (28%)
Height: 27.5 in (48%)
Head size: 17 in (26%)
She is wonderful and we love her so much. She's so much fun to watch progress and learn new things. The time goes so fast. We're trying to enjoy it while she doesn't talk back. :)


Nicolette said...

She is a petite one! 3-6 months clothes! Westin hasn't had his 9 month check-up yet, but he's definitely over 20 lbs. He's a chunky monkey. Usually wears size 12 months or bigger! Kodi is a cutie!!

Deb-t said...

Ooooh, she is just a precious little lady, isn't she? I hope all goes well with her motor skills. Sometimes babies learn at different rates, too. Anyway, she's so adorable.