Thursday, July 29, 2010

Everybody Loves the Holts

After living next door to the Holts for the past 6 years, I believe that you should hold interviews with neighbors before you move next to them. I hear horror stories of these psycho neighbors that are the worst, and I've been so blessed to have probably the best neighbors on the planet. We did fireworks together for the 24th of July again, and I believe that this is becoming a yearly tradition - if they'll take us.

Their younger girls are so wonderful with all four of my kids (Kyson, Kodi, Fran, and Leroy). They love to come over and play with all of them. I have to say it's wonderful for me too becuase they're all well-behaved girls who keep my kids in line. It also gives me a chance to get something done hat I need to because the kids are being entertained.

The other night we had cinema in the park. They project a movie on a huge blow-up screen and everyone lays on blankets in the park. I'd never been and was thinking of taking Kyson and Kodi when I ran over to ask the Holts if they were going. Because they said yes, I immediately packed the car and went with them. They showed Night at the Museum and Kyson seemed to really enjoy it. Once again, I think it was thanks to the Holts.
What fabulous people . . . they just better not move.

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