Monday, May 3, 2010

What a Weiner

For some time, we've talked about getting a second dog for Franni Faye. She is a very playful dog who, as my students say, is an "attention ho." We love her to pieces, but she needs a playmate. We take her to my parents' house as often as we can to let her play over there, but she's so young and energetic and they're so old and fat (the dogs, not my parents). They play with her, but she seems to be a bit of a pest to them sometimes.

We saw a sign for mini dachshund puppies and though we'd seen the sign for a week, on Saturday we decided to call. We figured, "It doesn't hurt to just call." After talking to the owner, we found out there was only one puppy left, so our thought was'" It doesn't hurt to just go see the puppy." I really didn't plan on buying it until I spoke with my aunt, Gretchen, who had been raised with this breed and had owned some in her adult like. She raved about them. So we bought him.

As soon as we got him home, Fran started bullying the poor thing. She became very possessive of everything. She growled at him - even though when we introduced them at the owner's store, she was fine. This was her territory now, and he was invading! I was worrying they wouldn't get a long, which defeated our purpose for getting him. But by morning, they were pals, running all over and playing a lot.

Potty training - that's another dread. Internet reviews did not speak highly of potty training this breed, but we've had no problem so far. He's GREAT! We take him out every 2 hours or so, and he'll go to the bathroom. he's obviously not telling us when he needs to go, but at least he's not going in the house. I'm hoping within a couple of weeks, all will be well.

So, the name . . . the thing many have waited to know. We juggled with Henry, Wallace, and Leroy. We called family to get opinions, and we have decided on Leroy. He responds to the name and seems to like. It haven't finalixed the spelling yet, but we'll figure it out soon enough.

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Deb-t said...

I saw one of those mini puppies a few weeks ago for the first time in my life and it made me actually LIKE a dog! Me, who likes no animal, that is saying a lot. It was the cutest thing ever, so I'm very happy for your new family member!