Thursday, February 25, 2010

Illness Strikes

Right now the entire house is sick. As you know, Kyson was diagnosed with Croup last week and has been on a steroid, but he was getting worse. We talked to the doctor again and he has a sinus infection too. Because he had an allergic reaction to penicillin in the past, at first he was given a medicine without penicillin, but he couldn't take it. Every time I tried, he would start gagging, dry-heaving, and sometimes throw up. I tried putting it in milk, chocolate milk, and strawberry milk, but we had the same effect. Eventually, he was put onto an antibiotic with penicillin and we had to watch for a reaction - we'v e been lucky so far. He's finally starting to improve.

Last night I took Kodi to the InstaCare. Since last week, she's had a terrible cough and then the sinus kicked in. Over the weekend she had a fever, and the last two days she would start coughing so much that she would turn red and sometimes blue. On
Tuesday night, I noticed she was wheezing. She has RSV. They did a breathing treatment on her and gave her some oxygen. I wished I had the camera to take a picture of her with her little mask on. Fortunately, she didn't need to be hospitalized. The doctor said we'd been doing everything correctly to get her through this virus - humidifier, vix, keep her propped up, etc. It's now a matter of time and we will continue to keep both kids in side. Neither one of them have stepped foot outside the house since Saturday. I think Kyson is stir-crazy right now.

Kris is at the end of an antibiotic for a sinus infection, and I'm in denial about being sick. I've had a sore throat since Sunday
and am now getting the sinus stuff. I'm hoping it goes away quickly - Every- body's sicknesses. I've been washing the sheets, washing stuffed animals, and washing toys with Clorox bleech wipes to try and get rid of the germs in the house. It'll be nice when all this passes over.


Amy said...

I am so sorry! Hang in there.

Jade said...

that's so sad! I hope everyone will be better soon. It's always so scary to have your kids sick. Hang in there!

Deb-t said...

I hope you are all well and over all of the sickness. RSV is so scary, I'm just glad to hear Kodi came through alright!