Monday, September 1, 2008

Bear Lake . . . Again

As the title of this posts reads, we went to Bear Lake for the holiday weekend. It was great to spend time with my parents, my aunt Gretchen and uncle Dennis, and my cousin Ryan with his kids. My cousin has a son a year and a half older than Kyson and it was so cute to see them interact. The lake was too cold so the kids played in a little pool in the front yard.

My uncle gave Kyson ride on the tractor; well, Kyson liked it so little we basically got a picture and he wanted to get off. But hey, we got a picture, right? We haven't pulled out the tractor for so long, but because it is the end of the summer, they used it to pull in the anchors in the lake. We used to dock the boats with it, but because the lake is so far down, it's not safe any more.

This picture doesn't really show anything spectacular, but I like it. He looks like a tiny model the way he's holding onto the bar and looking away from the camera with a serious expression. It's so cliche. It reminds me of Ashton Kucher in "Cheaper by the Dozen."

Kyson and I went four wheeling on the beach. It was beautiful weather and a perfect dusk. I love four wheeling with Kyson on the beach, but apparently, our legislature has nothing more important to do with their time than pass a law that won't allow private land owners to ride four wheelers on the beach. The next day my dad got a ticket and he said he'll go to jail before he pays for that ticket just for the principle of it. I agree with him. I could go off on this subject, but I'll leave it with that.

Franni had it good this weekend. She played outside a lot and loved to run around on the beach. She chased a seagull so far once I had to get the four wheeler to catch her. I had to do it again when she chased a grasshopper down the beach. She ran around a lot, and it wiped her out!

As I mentioned earlier, Kyson played with my cousin's son, Aiden, the weekend. I got a small sample of the many activities they did together.

After the fun-filled weekend, Kyson slept on the way home. I know I'm the mom so I'm biased, but boy he's so cute - especially when he's laughing, happy, and sleeping.


Randy said...

Another Bear Lake trip with no invite!! What up?

Valery said...

Ky is growing up so quickly! Enjoy the journey!

Skydiving was amazing! It was pricey but I would do it again. Give me a few years to save up for that. I have other adventures in the planning.

On my facebook account Jen Hanson got in touch with me. Do you have a facebook account?

Gunn Family said...

Looks so fun! Sorry we missed it. Glad you guys had fun!

Doney Days said...

How fun! That picture of him sleeping is so precious!

Marnie said...

What a fun weekend - and so many cute pics. You are so lucky to get away so often!