Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ringing in the New Year Right

For quite a few years now, we've celebrated New Years with the Holts.  A year later, the Bartletts joined the festivities and this year, two more joined the group: the Kous and Parents.  When the Parents showed up I got a little nervous and thought I'd need to be on my best behavior because he is in the bishopric, but it turns out he's a really nice, down-to-earth kinda guy and I didn't have to pretend to be an outstanding citizen.
This year's puzzle was one that we received as a Christmas gift from Kris's half-brother, Ben.  It was a map of the area.  At first I thought the puzzle would be impossible, but once we got started it wasn't so bad.  It was outdated though.  Most of Herriman wasn't even on the map, but it was still fun to look at the area.

As usual, we had many munchies and I made myself sick eating chips and salsa, fondue, and meatballs.  I didn't really partake of the chocolate fountain this year, but it's always a hit with the kids. The Holts also have a large basement where the kids were able to play together, so the adults could have a little peace and quiet.  I absolutely love going there for New Years.  Since I've been married, I don't think there has been a placed that we lived where we feel so comfortable.  The friends in the area are unique and I'm so glad I get to spend another year with them.

Happy New Year - 
I can't believe it's 2012!

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