Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Decorating Eggs

 For Family Home Evening, we had decided to talk about prayer.  I realize that prayer and eggs probably have nothing in common, but most people do know about prayer rocks.  You put a rock by your bed or under your pillow so you'll hit it when you go to bed and it will remind you to say your prayers.  Kris had a fabulous idea to go to the craft store and buy some wooden eggs, since nice, big rocks are hard to find and I didn't feel like pulling out paints with our little ones.

The evening was a success.  We talked about why we pray and how we do it and then our culminating activity was to color our prayer eggs.  Kodi kept hogging all the markers and taking the lids off all of them.  Then she'd get really mad when you tried to take them away.  She also got some markers on her hands and because they're washable, they come off on anything you touch.  She kept touching her face.  It was a lot of fun, and that night Kyson was so excited to say his prayers.  We'll see how long it works.


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