Saturday, January 14, 2012

Coloring - A Lost Art

I have forgotten how fun and relaxing coloring is.  The other day, I decided to color with my kids.  Kodi was nice enough to let me have a picture from her coloring pad, and Kyson shared all of his coloring supplies and the three of us sat at the coffee table and colored for hours.  It was funny how I enjoyed choosing which color I'd make the princesses' dresses or the carriage that was pulling them.  It made me feel like a designer having complete control over what the product would look like.  It was weird.

I continued to color for a short time, even without the kids, to feed this new exhilaration addiction.  Fortunately, I was able to beat the habit after only 3 pictures.  Kyson on the other hand takes such pride in his pictures that he has to hang them up for all to see.  We've told him that he will have to take down his collection each week unless it's in his toy room or bedroom.  He didn't like it, but he's getting better.  So, we have new wallpaper put up each week.  If only he could beat the habit as quickly as I did.

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