Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

When a year begins, you never anticipate what you'll go through.  I think 2011 has been a great year, but I'm excited to have a fresh start.  I feel like 2012 will be a good year.  I've learned many things throughout this past year:
  • My children are the most frustrating, but most rewarding thing in my life
  • Death is bittersweet - wonderful for those who've moved on, but sad for those left behind
  • Refinancing your home doesn't mean you're bad with money - it means you want to have more of it
  • Mr Clean Magic Erasers are one of the best things ever invented
  • 10 years of marriage doesn't seem long when you're in love
  • Nothing is more important than family
  • Teaching - there truly is no greater call
  • A clean house is impossible with two small children and 12-hour work days

I look forward to the experiences that 2012 will bring and I hope that I'll escape yet another year with my sanity.

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