Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pioneer Day AKA Neighbor bonding

I believe it was 3 years ago that Kyson got Strep throat over the 24th of July so we had to break our usual plans of going to Bear Lake. Kyson started feeling better and we decided to celebrate the 24th with our neighbors, the Holts. Since that year, it has become a tradition that I look forward to, but maybe not so much George.

This year, we have some new neighbors on the street, the Kou's and so we invited them as well.
Boy I love where I live. We had a simple BBQ in our back yard and the kids were able to play on the play- ground, and the adults were able to chat under our covered patio. The company was perfect. Of course, I didn't know Jerry Kou was such a tease and I fell for everything he said, looking like a gullible idiot. The Kou's have a catering business and small restaurant and oh my goodness, the meat they brought was sooo good. I
was singing their praises when they left us with the left overs. That was a good meal the next day.

After eating and talking, we all broke into our separate houses to get ready for bed. Well the adults didn't, just the kids (in case you didn't put that together). We met back up to have fireworks. Doing fireworks as a group is the best way to get a good show. When everyone pitches in, you get a big show for a lot less money.
We only bought 4 fireworks this year, but they were pretty good. The Holts did something similar to us and only bought 2 - but they were awesome. The Kous saved us by buying a kit with a whole bunch of small ones to make the show last a lot longer. It's so nice to have such amicable neighbors. Now whenever Kyson sees Jerry he says, "That's my friend Jerry." It's pretty cute.

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