Saturday, July 23, 2011

Family Reunion (Reunion #2)

Every year, Kris's family has a family reunion with everyone from his grand- father's side of the family. This reunion includes all of his grandfather's siblings and their posterity. This little family reunion ends up being hundreds of people. This year's reunion was in Vernal, which is a four-hour drive, but because over-nighters in a hotel is even harder than traveling 8 hours in a day, we decided to leave early that morning, and come back that evening. The reunion itself was very nice. Kris's family did a great job and did a lot of work to make it all come together. They had games for the little kids, the typical raffle for adults and children, and lots of food. Kyson had an episode that landed him in the car for a time, but was able to pull it together after that. Kodi is always a difficult one because she won't sleep anywhere but in her crib - not even the car.

I think the raffle was the highlight for everyone. They had so many great things to raffle off this year and Kris's mom gave us money
to put in for Rusty, Amy, and their kids; Carol and Errol; and us. Because we were repre- senting 3 families, we seemed top be winning quite often. Carol even won 2 bikes, that we had a heck of a time fitting into the trunk. It was a good day, and now there is only one reunion left for the month - High School Reunion.

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