Wednesday, January 19, 2011

From Angel to Hooligan

Kodi's temperament has been abnormal, to say the least. After her allergic reaction, he rash got worse and I ended up back at the InstaCare with her. Because her prescription was changed over the phone, without being seen, they now don't know if she is allergic to Amoxicilian, the new medication, or neither one and it was a virus. They took her off all antibiotics and said to watch her.

When Kodi is sick, she becomes extremely needy and cries about everything. For the past few weeks, she's been extremely difficult, but she's feeling better now, and the crazy behavior isn't changing. She's not being clingy, she's being a troublemaker. She's now the age when she's mobile and curious. That is a deadly combination. Just to give an example of how difficult she's become I'll tell you about a 1 minute time span. Kyson and Kodi had just finished a bath and I had already pulled Kodi out and dried her off. While I was trying to dry Kyson off, Kodi unrolled the toilet paper, tried to play in the toilet, tried to stick her arm in the diaper Genie, knocked over the diaper Genie, then stood up and peed on the floor.

What makes things even harder is that Kyson and Kodi are obviously best friends. He eggs on all of her bad behavior by thinking it's so funny. Anything he laughs at, she does more, and vice versa. I'm so glad they get along so well, but boy the two are exhausting together.

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Marnie said...

They are both getting so big. I am sorry that Kodi is into everything. I love the pics of the two of them together.