Friday, January 28, 2011

The Demon Choir

Most people only see the submissive, well-behaved, and quiet Kodi. And most only see the obnoxious, loud and resistant Kyson. When you put the two together at dinner, Kodi is the one egging things on and causing us to go deaf. It seems like it's a nightly ritual where both Kyson and Kodi do this loud scream song that is indescribable. One night after about 15 minutes of their song, Kris went and got ear plugs and I got the camera. Kris and I can't even hear each other speak, and we're sitting right next to each other. The other night, Kris and I were laughing so hard about our children's wonderful "singing" voices, and Kris made the comment that they sounded like a demon choir. I thought it was quite fitting.

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Marnie said...

That is Hilarious! So FUN!