Saturday, June 26, 2010

For the Love of Animals

Those who know Kyson know he's an animal fanatic, and has been for years. He's been to the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, The Wild Animal Park, The Living Planet Aquarium, and Hogle Zoo. Friday was the second time he'd been, but we could go every day and it wouldn't got old for him. I had Friday off, so we decided to enjoy some family time by frolicking with the animals. We got to see the baby elephant Zuri, and a bird show. They had a bird named Olga that walked like a clumsy puppy. It was really funny.It was a hot day - 95, so we didn't stay the whole day. It was so nice to just be together and enjoy some of the activities in the valley. I only wish I had more time and energy to do this kind of family bonding every day.

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Deb-t said...

Maybe he will grow up to be a Veterinarian since he likes animals so much! I want to go see baby Zuri, the elephant, she looks so cute in the picture!