Thursday, June 17, 2010


Our annual family vacation this year was a simple one that kept the budget card in check. We went to Yellowstone with my parents, my sister's family and my grammy from New Hampshire.

It was a lot of fun, but a lot of driving. Our first stop was at Bear World. It's been quite a few years since we've been there, but the stop didn't disappoint. There is a part where you drive through an area that has a lot of wild animals. As luck would have it, a bear was crossing the road in front of Bill and Jen's truck (my sister and her hubby), and while they stopped to let the bear cross, another bear climbed into the back of their truck. Kodi was in their car with them so she could be in her car seat and she started crying in the chaos. She wasn't crying at the bear that was spreading snot on the back window, she was scared because everyone was screaming. Eventually the bear jumped down and there wasn't a single scratch on the new truck! After the drive we went tot he petting zoo, where Kyson turned into a little devil and whined and cried about everything. He wouldn't pet any of the animals except a chicken that bit him. The petting zoo was the only part I was really excited about because I thought he'd enjoy it so much. They've added rides too now. There are only 4 of them, but once Kyson got warmed up, he really enjoyed them.

After Bear World, we contiunued our journeys until we reached our fabulous campsite. When my dad called around to fine a place, he needed a place with RV hook-ups for my parents and my sister's family, and permission to set up a tent for our white trash family that can't afford a trailer. We had no idea that this sight would be so nice. I think it was an extra large parking lot for a motel, so they decided to make it into an "RV Park." We basically camped in a parking lot and watched people who were staying in the motel going to the pool and doing their motel things. We even had one man talk to my dad and ask if we were those polygamous Mormons (because there were so many of us). My dad couldn't really get a word in edge-wise to set the record straight, so of course my nephew, Bailey, had to play it up by yelling out of the trailer, "Who's sleeping with what wife tonight?" Kris, Kyson, and I were out in the tent and even though the temperatures were cold outside, it was so much fun. I think Kyson really enjoyed it. He'd completely cover himself in the covers and then jump out and attack Kris. it was pretty funny. I slept really well too. I like it cold when I sleep so it was perfect.
Getting into Yellowstone was a lot of fun. We saw a lot of buffalo. Kyson had been really excited to see "bears, deer, buffalo, and goats." We were able to grant those requests. There were buffalo so after a few herds we began to take them for granted. We did however, stop for one. It was a cool looking buffalo and we were able to take some cute pics.
We went to Old Faithful and saw the geyser, we went to many waterfall lookouts, and we saw deer, buffalo, bears, eagles, ravens, and many hot spots. Outside the park, was a little park/playground near our campsite. Every night we went over to the park and played. They had some teeter totters that don't look very high, but they really are. Kelly, Josh, and Bailey all fell off the teeter totters at one point. It was so funny. They also had those little animals that are on a spring so you can ride them. They were so small, but we still rode them. My dad even tried them but I didn't have my camera at the time.

There was also a museum in West Yellowstone that we went to. It was called the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center. This place had live grizzly bears, wolves, and we saw the bears playing. The keepers would go and hide food in the exhibits and we'd watch them go search for the food. They had a playground, and a small indoor museum too. It was a pretty interesting place.

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Sam said...

That looks like such a fun trip! It has been years since I went to yellowstone. It looks like you all had fun! I really wish you would have had a pic of your dad on the little animal things. That would have been awesome!

Oh and I wouldt have screamed with the bear in the back of the truck, I would have pee'd my pants... :)

Deb-t said...

Kelli, that looks like a very fun vacation! Say what you will about Yellowstone but I think it's a great way to spend family time and vacations together. There really is a lot to see and do and it's so pretty!
That bear in the back of the truck is awesome!