Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Part II

Because my parents were out of town Easter weekend, enjoying the sunshine of Southern Utah, we celebrated Easter this weekend instead. We started the evening off by having an Easter egg hunt and eating some dinner. Kyson was funny during the hunt because he grabbed any egg that he saw. We sorted some of them out afterward, and some I was able to sneak out of his basket when he wasn't looking and put them back. He didn't even care about what was in the eggs, he just wanted to find the eggs. There were a couple of Elmo and Hello Kitty eggs that had rubber bugs inside - he's been carrying them around since.

After the hunt, my mom hid an Easter basket for each couple and we had to find them. My sister found hers immediately because it's hidden in the same place every year. Her basket was full of all sorts of goodies. I searched, but I only found baskets that had nothing in them. We both joked about who must be the obvious favorite.
It was nice to just sit around and chat. I love getting together with family. I was also able to get some great photos.

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