Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bad News

I've been a little behind on updating lately and I went to try and catch up.  A couple of weeks ago, I took the camera SD card to get a picture off of it.  I went back to get the card, and it wasn't in the computer.  Last week, I spent an entire afternoon cleaning the study to look for the card in hopes of finding it.  It is no where.  Unfortunately, I've lost all the pictures from mid-November until mid-January. 

While that puts a damper on keeping up with my children, I'm most upset by a few things that I don't have any more.  In November, I got new pictures of all of Kris's side of the family.  We needed a new family picture so badly, and now the pictures are gone.  I took pictures of Kodi's collar bone to have record of before and after for the accident.  Those are gone.  All of the pictures I took of Christmas and Zoolights are gone.  I'm extremely grateful that it was only 6 weeks or so, but I'm really upset about the loss.  They're irreplaceable.  Perhaps this is a lesson to stay more on top of things.  I wish I could learn the lesson in a different way.

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