Friday, September 7, 2012

Bug Magnet

Kyson is a bug fanatic and he loves every crawling creature he finds.  He recently found a stick bug, which I have to admit, I don't see too often at our house.  In fact, I've never seen one at our house.  Kyson was so excited that he came and got me, so I grabbed the camera.  He held it in his hands very gently and was talking to it like it was his new best friend.  It was so sweet to watch him interact with this tiny bug.  He was so excited about it.

He tried to show it to Fran because he wanted her to enjoy the bug like he was.  Well, she did enjoy it, but not like he wanted.  She snatched it from his hands and tried to eat it.  I tried to pull it out of Fran's mouth, but that made her bite down harder.  I eventually got the poor thing from Fran's mouth, but his leg was broken and I didn't think he could survive.  Kyson prayed for the bug and put him in the back of his jeep to take care of it.  When he went back to check on it, it was gone, and Kyson is convinced it got better and ran away.  We'll let him believe that.

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