Thursday, June 16, 2011

Preschool Program

Kyson just completed his first year of preschool
and I think he has really enjoyed it. He has been
attending 2 pre- schools: one normal preschool like everyone goes to, and another preschool done by Jordan School District to help him with his processing and speech delays. Well his traditional preschool, Small Wonders put on an end-of-the-year program where the kids sang and were presented one at a time. Kyson is obviously more immature than most of the kids there. It was an adorable program, but Kyson was about 2 steps behind all the other kids and sometimes he wouldn't even do the actions at all. The entire place was packed with parents and grandparents. Kris's parents came to see Kyson, but they were just a little bit late. Kyson noticed when they walked in though, and in the middle of a song he yelled, "Grandma!" We were on the last row and I heard it clearly. He'll learn with time.

When after the singing, they did a slide show of kids in the school and different projects they'd done throughout the year. It was great and we bought a copy of it so Kyson could watch it whenever he wanted to. After the slide show, they presented each kid one by one by saying their name, having the child walk across the stage. Then they'd be presented a lei by their teacher and
then they'd sit down. Kyson didn't follow this procedure, but ran across the stage after his name was read, refused the lei from his teacher and then sat down next to her instead of sitting down with the other kids. Maybe next year we'll have more luck.

I think it's so great that the Preschool takes the time to do all this for the parents. I've really enjoyed having him in this preschool and he's always talking about his teacher and classmates.

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