Saturday, April 30, 2011

I Think Kyson Likes Bugs

The Easter Bunny brought Kyson many fabulous toys this year,
but the thing that he seems to like the most is his bug house and magnified glass. He loves to go into the yard and look for bugs, but then he'd keep them in an open tupperware container. I fear to think about how many bugs are loose in my house. Well the bug house has been such a blessing. We filled it up with dirt, a rock, some weeds, and a stick. I think it looks like a nice place to
live. If this was real estate, I think it would be a pretty nice condo. Since Easter, he's been out looking for many bugs and found 5 or so potato bugs that he put into the bug condo - then Grandpa Tinsch helped. Over the course of two bug safari adventures lasting probably 5 minutes each, Kyson found another 5+ potato bugs, a worm, a centipede he's named Bugsy, and a spider he's named Spot.
He's been taking the bug condo to bed and keeping it on his head- board; he's constantly looking for Bugsy and Spot and even wanted to them to breakfast this morning. Kris convinced him to bring pictures of the bugs rather than the real thing. I'm so glad he likes his bugs. I only hope they stay alive for a while. He'll be heart-broken when they go to that big condo in the sky.

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