Saturday, October 23, 2010

Checking In

This year I planned to review my goals quarterly so I could follow up on how I've been doing with everything. I missed my review in July so I haven't checked in since March. I hope I'm not failing.

Personal Goals
1) Floss at least once a week - preferably every day.
F - I had formed a pretty good habit, then Kyson took my floss and I got back out of the habit.
2) Finish my nightly prayers without falling asleep.
B - The year started off terribly, but I've figured out that I have to say them out loud and sit in a very uncomfortable position. Kneeling puts me to sleep.
3) Read the lesson/scripture chapter before Sunday for Sunday School and Relief Society.
F - I think I gave up on this one in the first month. Next year I'll choose a goal I'll actually do.
4) Exercise at least 3 days a week
F - Once again, I started the year strong, until my coworkers and I stopped working out before school started.

Family Goals:
1) Have Family Home Evening at least once a month - preferably every week.
D - I started off strong, but about April I lost it. I haven't organized any formal FHEs, but I've been making sure we spend quality time together. That counts for something, right?
2) Invite company over more often - preferably once a month.
C - We've done it it on and off. It hasn't been consistent at all, but I'd say may be half of the months we've done something, even if it's just inviting our parents over for dinner.
3) Potty train Kyson
B - We started full force in July and he's doing really well. I hope he'll be in big boy pants by Christmas. Some days, he's awesome, some days he is awful.

Project Goals:
1) Clean and organize the garage.
B+ - This goal was revised to be finish the back yard. We have it almost done. I have to finish one part of the wall and plant the trees. We tried to plant this year, but all the trees left over were crappy. We'll officially finish in the spring.
2) Scan all my grandmother's old picture books and put them into one book with captions and dates.
B+ - I don't know if I'll finish by Christmas, but I have 200 pages done of her new picture book.

Home Improvement Goals:
1) Finish painting the upstairs - preferably the whole house.
F - It's not going to happen; maybe next year
2) Fix the broken drawer in the kitchen
A+ - Done!
3) Replace the broken blinds so we don't look like white trash.
A+ - Done!
4) Replace the cracked window in our bathroom.
D - It's not done, but I just got a rebate form from Questar to buy a new one.
5) Get a curtain for the living room.
A+ - Done!

I've noticed a pattern and it seems to be typically for my life. I focused on projects and making things better for everyone rather than focusing on my personal goals. I also think I like the project goals better because I can see a finished product which gives me the feeling of accomplishment.

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Rosie said...

SHET you are too cute. good luck with your goals kellay :)