Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kyson's "House"

A few weeks ago when we went to visit my parents, my dad had saved the packaging of their new jetted tub. He thought, "Kyson would love it." Well Grandpa understands Kyson well. It started as innocent fun at my parent's house with my dad and Kyson bonding in the foam tub, but then the innocence left when Grandpa decided to bring it to our house. Since that time, Kyson refers to it as his house and he is crazy with it. He dives in the little hole in the middle, he drags it around the house, he tries to hide under it and drag Frannie in with him, and he curls up and goes to sleep in it. We've had to take it into the garage to try and calm him down a few times, but the fact is - he loves it.


Deb-t said...

Ha ha, that is way funny! Who would have thought such a purpose-less piece of garbage would be so entertaining! Little boys are so funny. I guess Grandpa knows best!

Marnie said...

I love that kids love the simple things in life. He looks so HAPPY! What great memories.

幸雨 said...
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