Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's Official!

For a long time my niece, Chelsie, had a hard time with a father figure in her life. Her biological father left my sister and his children 9 years ago and has had no contact with them since, except to insult or argue. He was never around before he left, and since has only confirmed our negative views of him.

However, five years ago a new man stepped in to fill that void for Chelsie. Bill Madsen married my sister on September 17, 2005 and has brought so much happiness to my sister and her family in a way that I'm so grateful for. He has been an amazing support to Jennifer and her children and has loved and treated them all as if they were his biological children. Last week, on March 16, Bill officially adopted Chelsie. Even though she has been calling him "Dad" since he entered her life, now it's official, it's finally official.


MADSEN'S said...

Thanks Kris and Kelli for posting a blog about the wonderful event that took place in our family. WEe are so excited to make it official as well, and in 4 years we'll have another "Madsen" name to add to the roost. Thanks again we love you all.

Deb-t said...

Oh my goodness, what a sweet post! I'm so happy for your sisters family!!!
My husband was able to adopt my son in 2006 and it has been such a blessing!