Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!

This year's Thanksgiving has been different. Since Kris and I have been married we always had Thanksgiving with my family because Kris's family doesn't get together for the holiday. Because of my mom's surgery, we decided to postpone Thanksgiving and we'll be celebrating on December 13th this year so my mom can participate.

Because we weren't having a formal dinner with my family, Kris and I decided to have a small dinner at home and invite Carol and Errol, Kris's parents. They accepted the invitation and we were tickled. It was such a wonderful day. We had a simple turkey dinner, visited, and watched Up! I think Carol and Errol really enjoyed having some quiet time with their grand-children, well as quiet as it can get with a 2-year-old.

This wasn't planned, but we bought a new table just in time for Thanksgiving. I stumbled onto the table at Sam's Club last weekend when I was shopping for Kodi's blessing. It was a great deal so I bought it. I think it looks a lot better than the table we had before and it seats 8, which is double what we could seat before. No, that doesn't mean we're going to have a bigger family, it's so we can invite people over and have a place for them to sit. The thing that is the best, that I didn't think of when I bought it, Franni can't reach Kyson because it's a cafe style table so it's high.



Valery G. said...

Great purchase! I love that table. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!

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