Saturday, December 7, 2013

Preparing for Christmas

I'll admit it, I strongly dislike putting up Christmas decorations.  Growing up I loved doing it with my mom and my grandma, but as the mom, I don't care for it because I don't like putting it all out and then cleaning it all up.  It just seems like so much work just to take down.  We only started putting ornaments on the tree a few years ago when the kids got old enough to notice. 

While I have that mind frame about decorations, I wouldn't trade the time I have to put them up with my kids.  They love it and their joy and excitement makes it worth it for me.  It was nice to decorate as a family and while I pulled out ornaments to make them "tree ready," and Kris serves as the programmable ladder to lift them to those hard to reach areas.  I'm so glad he's so strong.


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