Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Kodi's Christmas Program

Working at Challenger definitely has its benefits.  One significant perk is that the school will send a substitute to my class so I can attend my children's programs.  As a parent, that is a huge bonus.  Unfortunately, there was a glitch in their scheduling and a substitute came to relieve me late.  I missed a few of the songs in Kodi's program, which was extremely disappointing to me.  However, Kodi cried or just sat there through most of it after I walked in.

I loved what I saw of the program, but Kodi is still perplexing.  I don't know if she expects to get attention for her behaviors because it doesn't work.  I usually just ignore her when she does that.  I was able to talk to her after though, which was nice.  Santa also made an appearance for the kids and gave them candy canes.  I don't know how much she loved it - she was too into her "sadness" to pay much attention.

Challenger is a great school for my kids and I'm so grateful that they're there this year.  What they are providing for my children is invaluable. 

In the pictures of the class, Kodi is the second to the end on the left on the front row.


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