Thursday, November 28, 2013


Thanksgiving this year was great.  We had more people than we normally do because Chelsie, Carol, and Danny came.  Since we went to Bear Lake last summer, things have been wonderful between all the family members. But I wanted to do something unique for the holiday since we don't do a whole lot.

We ate dinner as a family and it was a gorgeous meal that tasted really good.  After that we went downstairs and watched slides from when we were younger.  I really enjoy seeing the old pictures, but I have to admit, everyone perks up the most when one of the kids is in the picture, instead of it being scenery or things happening before we were born.

We had the second course of Thanksgiving and then went outside for some classic Thanksgiving fun - a piñata.  Nothing says peace between Natives and Pilgrims like a piñata.  Unfortunately, my camera doesn't take pictures well in the dark, but the piñata was broken by the third person - Danny.  Kodi went first, Kyson went second, and Danny went third, and that was it.  I think the kids enjoyed it a lot, but I think they would live to have had more turns hitting it. 

Holidays with the family seem to be getting better and better and I'm grateful for a family that still gets together in this world where the family takes second place to so many things.

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