Saturday, November 16, 2013

Babysitting for Friends

We have some friends that are angels.  They watch Kodi twice a week and are some of the most giving and selfless people I've ever met.  Because they re expecting their second child, Kris and I wanted to try and do something nice for them, especially since they've been so nice to us.  So without giving them an option, we told them we were taking their sweet boy for the evening so they could have a night out without children.

The kids loved it!!  We tried to go see Despicable Me 2, but it was sold out, so we drove all the way to Sandy, only to turn around.  The kids didn't seem to mind though.  We came back to the house and let them watch a movie upstairs in sleeping bags.  It was like a little slumber party even though their fun would end before bedtime.  Then the fun moved downstairs where they had a little coloring party.  I think all three of them enjoyed the evening. 

The only thing that is hard when there are three is that each argue over whose friend Jason is.  "Jason is both of your friends," is what I say repeatedly.

I'm so grateful that were able to do something to help out friends.  They're too nice to ask, so we just need to tell them we'll take the kids more often.  Good friends are hard to find, and these people are gold.

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