Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Part II

On Thanksgiving day, we spent the day with Kris' family. We had dinner with his parents and his brother and family came over later for pie. It was a very nice day, except the morning started out very stressful.

I started dinner at 8:00am. The internet said the turkey would take 4 hours in a roaster, so I went safe and put it in 5 hours early. The plan was to eat at 1:00. This wouldn't have been a problem if Kris had been home to watch the kids while I worked on dinner, but due to circumstances out of our control, he was unavailable the entire time. I sent him at 8:00 to go get a newspaper from Smith's and he waited there a while, but it wasn't arriving. He called me and said he was going to go to Maverick and see if it was there. Two hours later, he called me from Walmart and said, "No one has a paper. Walmart was going to call their distributor and find out where it is." So he came home and by this point it was 10:30.

Although much of the morning had passed, it was still okay, because the real work begins an hour or two before dinner. He left again to go to my parents to get the paper from them. They have a subscription and said we could have their ads. While he was there, he was snatched up to hook up their new televeision and he didn't get back until noon. While he was gone, Kyson leaked through his pants and got two couches dirty, and Kodi spit up all over her chair. I had to pull up the little Spot Bot cleaner to get it all out. It took a lot of my time and I was getting nervous about getting dinner finished. When he arrived at noon, I thought, "Yea, at least I have the last hour to get this dinner done, without trying to take care of the kids." I thought wrong. He hadn't been able to shower because he was gone all morning, and he went up to shower. Needless to say, we didn't eat on time. I didn't get food on the table until close to 2.

The meal was good, even though it was late. And I'm grateful our company was understanding. We ate at 2 and had plans for Rusty and his family to come over at 4 for pie. By the time 4:00 came around, we were still cleaning up dinner and not hungry enough for pie, so we called Rusty and relaxed on the couch while the kids were sleeping. We watched The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. I'd never seen it before, and I have to admit, it was really good. It was such a nice and relaxing afternoon.

The real fun began when Rusty and the fam arrived. They came close to 5, and all the kids started playing immediately. Kyson loves his cousins, but sometimes it gets a little difficult because Kyson knows not to hit or push, but his oldest cousin is six and is in Karate. Although he does kick and hit for fun, Kyson doesn't know the difference, and then he starts doing it too, to be like his cousin. All four of the little boys were running around, playing rough, and being little boys. Kyson really enjoyed it. I did too, but was worried about someone getting hurt. Worries aside, it was a wonderful evening. It's nice when we get all the family together.

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