Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kyson's First Haircut

We decided since Kyson was beginning to look a little unkept with his hair getting so long, it was time for a haircut. My mother was afraid of us cutting off his blond, curly locks, but don't worry, the curls remained. I tried to get a good "before" shot, but he wouldn't cooperate, and he looks a little drunk instead. I promise you, that is not the case.

My sister, who cuts hair for a living, cut his hair before our vacation. Kyson wouldn't cooperate with anything. He sat on Kris' lap, but refused to wear a cape. He wouldn't let Jen touch his head and he pushed her away. Basically she said he was one of the toughest kids she'd ever had, until . . . she gave him a sucker. Things began to change after that.

In the end, he looks adorable, and all who have seen him with his new do love it.

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Deb-t said...

He looks adorable!!!! I love the blonde curls. My husbands son (I guess I should say my grandson... but that still sounds too wierd) just got his first haircut too and he's got a bunch of blonde curls. There's nothing cuter!